Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday morning

The Methotrexate 4 hour chemo is in the books, since they started it at 9 last night, there was not much sleep, I was up peeing every 1/2 hour but I'm not complaining because so far everything is going well. I will stay on my bi-carb IV until the levels have lowered enough for me to return home. It was a 2.0 this morning, supposed to be down to .05 so the more I drink along with the IV, the faster they will drop. Bruce and I shared a good breakfast of biscuits of gravy and french toast and I've taken 3 laps in the hall so far. I have to really push and concentrate to walk straight, my goal, perhaps a little ambitious, but to do a mile, 10 more. The catheter is scheduled to come out at 5 tonight but they could change so it all depends on that. I'm tired when I get back to the room but soon ready to go again. 

Bruce came to bed with me in the night for awhile and that was nice, it's been awhile since we shared a bed. January has been such a blur, it's eye opening to feel good and know what is going on. No nightmares last night, maybe I've broken that cycle?

Looking forward to Groundhog Day marathon if I'm still here, I love that movie! They only have the one Hallmark and not a lot to choose from otherwise so I get lots of reading in.I do have a shower to look forward to but there is a lot of down time, perhaps a nap also?

This is such an easy way to keep in touch with everyone, we appreciate all your love and support.


  1. No Nightmares!!! what a relief that must have been for you, even though you had to get up all the time to use the bathroom. well, that's exercise for you too. I would think you would be exhausted after a night like that. I'm so glad you and Brucie could snuggle together, too. You chose a pretty ambitious goal of a mile of walking, I know you are determined...just take it easy!! LOVE YA!! CG

  2. Wonderful words from you dear one! Yikes a mile is ambitious but it's good that you are able to be up and able to keep moving. God is good, all of the time. All of the time, God is good. So thankful so many good things coming from this !!!