Monday, January 30, 2017

Home Sweet NMC room 7454

After humping 3 bags to the car early this morning, we loaded and had a lovely drive to Omaha. There was snow on the ground that made the travel of deer show up although we only saw one that was on his feet. I was very apprehensive about this trip, in case you hadn't noticed but was able to walk, although somewhat slowly from the garage, to the elevators, to the clinic and back to an office. 

 Dr. Lunning is wonderful, there are just no words, I'm getting a second dose of Methotrexate that I received last time plus a new pill chemo, Revilid each day for 2 weeks.But I won't have to stay the two weeks, YAY YAY!!!!! Only until the Methotrexate is out of my system 3-6 days. I tolerated it well but this is an experiment putting the two together. The Revilid will cross the blood brain barrier and go down my spinal column that showed lymphoma cells were hanging onto the 'hairs' along the spine. 

The Methotrexate will hopefully continue to clear up any rogue cells that are still lingering and keep them from going forth and pro-creating more of the little bastards. I shouldn't have much or any side effects. I will get physical therapy to improve my walking and I plan on doing a lot of walking.  

We are unpacked and waiting for dinner to come, you know you gotta eat! My mood is SO MUCH BETTER knowing I will be just a few days. Maybe the nightmares won't come. I brought the laptop computer and it latched right onto the WIFI so possibly my tablet just didn't have the OOMPH. But it is loaded with books so that comes in handy.

Rosanne, I found another walking book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, she takes off on the Pacific Coast Trail going up through CA and north, even mentions Burney Falls. I'm not sure about the book yet but if you read it you will get an idea of what I packed to bring down here!

I'm ready to go home now!


  1. Oh such good words you wrote Julie, from the time you'll NOT have to be there, to your mood, even to your laptop working!! Yes, a roller coaster it has been for you guys. I've just caught up on your prior posts, You are still and always have been a wonder woman!! Getting into that fountain area, using the drill, etc etc. What a farmer-wife you are, and I'm so grateful that you have the spirit and strength to be able to help Bruce. I don't know where you get your mojo but you are one strong woman, both in spirit and faith, and I'm so praying your physical strength will gradually recover!! I'm glad you have a cozy hospital bed waiting for you when you come back home!! Praying these days go quickly for you and that you tolerate this new mix of meds. Thank you so much for writing, we so appreciate hearing what's going on!! Hugs, kissses, prayers - much love, CG and Tom

  2. YEA !!! No two week stay !!! So happy for you. Praying your new treatment goes well. Stay positive my friend !! Love you, looking forward to your return so we can watch more Hallmark movies.

    Big Hug !!!

  3. Hey, back to the farm from Lenexa, KS; all the troop down there are sending hugs, prayers and good vibes!! Just don't forget to call me after you get home to help watch the Hallmark movies with you and Kim (and I'll try not to say the lines with the actors!) Love ya girlfriend!! Beck

    1. You can only come watch movies with us if you promise to not talk during the movie !!! :-)