Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday night and all is well......

I've made 4 laps around the hall here today, 13 is a mile, quite a difference from what I was doing yesterday. I have to concentrate, 'heel, toe' and try to maintain a stride, I mostly feel like my achilles tendens are tight so when I'm in bed I stretch and stretch. Since the stem cells are in the bank, I'm scheduled to get my chest catheter out tomorrow and what a relief that will be. They don't need it to reintroduce the stem cells and especially since there is no time line on it.

It's only 7 and Bruce is snoring in the chair, he just can't stay awake! I'm so encouraged and grateful for all the well wishes, perhaps this is the turning point? Whatever happens we are looking forward and not waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Will always be in touch.....


  1. Way to go Julie, so glad to hear you are walking better. Keep those muscles moving !! So your stem cells are usable, great news ! No more sitting in a chair for 4 hours. With Bruce sleeping at least you do not have to watch sports LOL !!!
    Love you girl, thinking of you always,

  2. Julie, I'm so happy to hear such encouraging words coming from you!! Woohoo, God has certainly blessed you with awesome doctors (and family & friends too). No more "dropping shoes" unless we're going to plant succulents in them!!! Love ya, Beck