Thursday, January 12, 2017

They have wrung everything out of me that they can,,,,,, tomorrow is admittance day. They want you to have between 1.5 and 2 count and mine was finally up to 1.87. I've never had to pee so bad and able to make it to the bathroom intact, that is extreme relief,

We have an assortment of foods back here so I fixed tea and toast and fell into bed, sleeping until nearly 6:30 to find Becky gone to the 'get together' at the motel office. She brought me back some potato cheese soup and garlic bread, nothing much hits the spot but this was close. I've learned not to bring my stomach into a lengthy conversation about what it wants to eat, I usally just shove something down and let my stomach deal with it, sometimes it doesn't like my choice of food. But I'm hoping with no more shots I can begin to heal that part.

Stacy called to tell me it was good to go, labs at 9:15 tomorrow and the Dr. Lunning at 10 for a final physical and then assign me a bed. I called Bruce to see how fast he can get down here. He will help us pack up and get settled and then he can stay a couple of nights. I'm ready to see him. The rumor is he is bringing a stash of chicken and noodles from my sister, Rosanne. Nothing stimulates my appetite like her homemade noodles.

Becky will hit the road home, back to the real world of cattle and pigs, I don't know what I would have done without her. I can get mail at the hospital as soon as I know what room.

Signing off from the Sonesta ES Suites motel, it comes highly recommended if you ever need a place to stay.


  1. So glad it is finally going to happen! Best wishes for all things good happening for you. We will keep praying! Love, Janet

  2. Julie, I just finished reading your blog and you are an inspiration to all of us. I pray that all goes well for you in the days ahead. You have been in my prayers every day and they will not stop.
    Love, Linda Spieler

  3. Good luck, Julie! So glad finally this is happening. Thanks again to Becky for being there and hope Bruce comes through with the chicken and noodles !