Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Back from the near dead

I've been on an awful roller coaster the last week, after retrieving my stem cells I fell apart and and was so weak I went right from Omaha back to
Cherokee for a few days of R & R, throwing our household into a tailspin. I've never been so miserable and weak that I could remember. Couldn't sleep, no matter where I tried, could hardly talk, all I wanted to do was go home. Bruce and Delmer built a ramp yesterday and today I got a hospital bed set up in the living room, home health will come often and are helping me with PT.

Bruce had to drive to SC in a snow storm and back to get my new Chemo Pills and pick up the bed but as always, there are the idiots out driving like it's 60 and sunny. Jo Laursen came to baby sit while Bruce was gone and she told me I needed a hospital bed, we already planned to borrow a lift chair but now don't know if there is room in our living room so will see how it goes. I can't belive the hoops they make you just through, we just wanted to rent one but had to go thoughthe hospital and had to have Dr. Vandelune okay it and he wasn't in today. I was at my wits end when Becky found one in Marcus that we can keep as long as we like, the Lord moves in mysterious ways. I piled blankets on top of the already comfy mattress and I'm loving it. I may be like Rosanne and never give it up.

Since I'm had such a hard time with the chemo, they want us back to Omaha at 9 Monday morning for tests and a consultation with Dr. Lunning,  where they will admit and give it to me supervised. If we'd only known that we could have waited for it to be delivered  and Bruce would not have risked life and limb out on the roads but all's well that ends well. Don't know how long I will have to stay, it all depends on how I do. I don't know yet if all the stem cells have to be destroyed, I do not look forward to going through that again but maybe they will keep up on things this time.

Bruce is about at his end of his rope and now he gets to push snow all day tomorrow but he has been a rock. I just have to work to get stronger so I can come back and be his. I need to get out of bed every so often and work my lets but I did have an appetite tonight and had a couple pieced of pizza that went down good. At least he sold the calves so that is less work, and perhaps he can stay over night with me.

 This is short, but just so you know I'm still alive, but a fews days ago I would not have given me much of a chance. Now if I would jut find my little stylus to correct some of my mistakes, I'd be a happy camper. Mollie snuck in while Jo and Bruce were bringing in the bed and settle down by me, this is where she wanted to be. The ramp is a great addition to the house, and much safer. I always was nervous when older people had to navigtate the steps with no rail so all us older people will be much better off.  Love to all.


  1. You blogged! That is a sign you are feeling better! And I do love my hospital bed! With a button I can raise the bed up to read, with another button I can raise my legs when they ache. Yes, Julie, the hospital bed "is the nuts" (Julie's phrase).

  2. so appreciate all the online and personal comments, makes us feel we are not alone. Yes, the hospital bed is the 'nuts' and we have been offered the use of a lift chair so I have the option of another seating area. But first Bruce needs to clean more snow and get some help getting it out here. Our big/little house is stuffed to the gills but this too will pass. I just found out I possibly will be in Omaha for 2 weeks for the pill regime unless I can handle it better than now. It is a winterwonderland out there, love the pictures Alex sent but then she had to tell here brother and sister in law are in Jamaica for 10 days! We will go back, probably not this year but it will be something to look forward to. Bruce said Mollie wants in the house whenever he has the door open, I'd love to have her also but it's not allowed. The snow is still flying and Bruce has more snow to push and haul out. He got things around so I made some beef stew for dinner but got it a little spicy, I should have toned it down. Bruce is being so good, never complaining about all the 'directions' from me, thank heavens for the dishwasher. It's a lot on his shoulders and then I'm constantly asking how all the animals are doing, I know they won't die on his watch but It's hard to have to delegate chores. I'm just a bit independent, I guess.

  3. All positive, good healthy signs of life! We are so happy you got to come home, and if you are feeling good enough to give him "Directions," that means you are on the way up from this deep hole you were in. So thankful! Here's wishing you the best in the next couple weeks, you go girl! Our thoughts and prayers are always with you! Love, Janet and Gerald

  4. Bruce reminded me that Bill and Kim are not Alex's brother and sister in law, rather nephew and wife but I'm still envious that they are soaking up the sun, the sand and the surf! It works great for their 'kids' Gunner and Stasch that they can keep Alex company and vice versa.

  5. Like Rosy, I was so excited to see that you blogged! Yay! Enjoy your days at home, get stronger and then gear up for your next challenge. Love you!