Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 4

The meds have kicked in and I make sure I take them regularly. It's hard to walk, I still weeble,wobble. We went for my shots and the nurse told me it's important to stay active so I do laps around our little apartment several times a day. I also fought off the Sandman so I can sleep tonight, last night was very restless. 

Our room has a kitchen with a dishwasher, we don't use many dishes but every day when we get back, they have been here and straightened up and every day they have run the dishwasher for our few dishes! I didn't think they would do that, I planned on doing the dishes in the sink but if they insist....

Tomorrow morning we go early 6:30 for a blood test to see if I have adequate stem cells for retrieval so keep your fingers and toes crossed. If there aren't enough, I will get shots again and come back here. I have warm clothes laid out because my blood goes into the machine at body temperature but is pumped back in at room temperature that chills your body. Stacy said she has seen people bundled up in sweatshirts with the hoods up so I'm taking my new fuzzy Viking sweatshirt that Bruce got me for Christmas. They have warm blankets also, anything to keep you warm. The process takes about 4 hours and, after months of pushing fluids, I was told not to drink much water because I can't get up to go to the bathroom, I'm tied to the machine. If I really have to go, they pull the curtain and bring in a commode, since I have bashful kidneys, I want to avoid that. 

Becky is a very good roommate, she does her crossword puzzles and reads, no complaining about all the down time. If I get to go the apherisis room, she is going out to Boy's Town to try and look up some family history. It's hard to believe that tomorrow night at this time, I may be in the hospital ready to start the final steps. When I look around the room at all our stuff spread out, we may need a pack mule, or at least one of those carts that hotels have to move luggage.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, I know they are helping.

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