Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 5

We just got back from our third trip to the hospital today to get my super shot, the second trip this afternoon was for Basic Care Class. It outlined all the problems I could run into and how careful I have to be about cleanliness. I can't have any flowers, plants or even artificial plants but I can take Teddy and the little flower Becky's grandaughter, Risa, made me. I think they tell you to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I'm not feeling very well at all, partly because I am hungry but find food repugnant so I'm forcing myself to eat some applesauce and jello that Becky made. She had a productive day at Boy's Town, I managed to lock myself out of our apartment and had to struggle to the office to get a new key card. Stupid! The nurse tonight told me to stop and get some Benedryl to help with the nausea and sleeping and, of course, I have two boxes at home. I didn't know everything I should have brought. Big Sigh, hoping tonight is a little more restful. Signing off for now, tomorrow will be a big day. Love to all.


  1. Hope you slept ok and get good news today!

  2. So glad to be reading this and knowing our continued prayers are helping with everything that comes up needing attention! You are at the right place, & our love is sent over the miles to wrap you up tightly. Just as an FYI, I tend to waken each and every night (morning) around 2:43-3:03.... everytime I do my prayers are sent for you as I wonder who else may be up and in need of prayers!? Love you!!!

  3. my heart is overflowing with love and prayers for you Julie. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your very full days and you're not feeling well, yet you perservere in letting those of us away know how you are doing. I'm sure at times you'd rather not do it, but I so appreciate hearing from you re: what your moments are like. I can just see you wobble/hobble and hunkering around in your new home. Thank God for Becky!! Bless her heart. Hang in there honey. I would do anything to share your load. All our love, CG and Tom