Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 3

Has it only been three days? I'm so thankful to have Becky here, there is no way I could do this alone even with a shuttle to the hospital. I'm getting a double dose of the growth factor and that is what caused the severe leg pains. Thursday night I hardly slept, I was up walking every hour, gimping I should say, it was miserable. I was nauseated after the surgery so they gave me some Zofran to help. We had to go back upstairs for the 2nd set of shots and I told the nurse how painful my legs and back are and she immediately said that happenes to a lot of people, she would get me a pain pill for now and a prescription to take home. She did say it might be a good thing, that I'm really producing stem cells. I thought it would be a big deal, not there, they know how to take care of you.

But I was more nauseated after taking the pain pills because I couldn't eat much so I was puking most of the night. I was really a basket case by the time we got to the hospital and again there was the immediate, "Oh, we can help you out with that!" I got a bag of fluids along with pain and nausea IV's along with it and felt better by the time we left. Becky had to leave the room when I got sick in there again but it didn't bother the nurse a bit, I could never do that.

We came home and Becky went shopping for food I can eat and I went to bed - and slept - and slept - and slept - at one point Becky said she came over to see if I was still breathing but she didn't hold a mirror under my nose. I've eaten a cup of applesauce and a cup of tea with 2 slices of toast, not much but the best I can do. The challenge will be when I take my pain pills but the Zofran is disolvable under my tongue so the nurse told me to take it first.

She also changed the dressing on my catheter and it hurt like a son of a gun when she cleaned up around the incision but it won't have to be changed for another week so 
she said it will have healed. It's pretty painful but the pain pills should help that.

We are hoping day 4 will be better, then Monday will be the first stem cell retrieval and that will set the tone for the rest of the week. I know you are all wishing me luck.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Julie. Hang in there. We love you.