Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's still a bumpy road out there

After feeling as though I was making progress, I woke up yesterday weak and shaky. I had my heart set on some biscuits and gravy so went at it but got winded mixing the biscuit dough and started seeing 'stars' that, from experience, I knew a fall was next so made it to the chair. To add insult to injury the biscuits were terrible, more like hockey pucks, I deleted that recipe from my Pinterest board. I didn't get any better all day and late in the afternoon, Beth, Dr. Lunnings nurse called to say my blood tests were very good except for potassium, I asked if that is why I was so weak and shaky and she said yes. So Bruce made a quick trip to town for pills, when I was in the hospital they not only gave me pills but a potassium IV as a chaser so it was obviously a problem then. I found out I have to do this two more times, starting the 21st, three weeks apart. I was hoping it was a one time thing but Bruce pointed out if I get that much better each time, I might be back to normal. I don't remember normal. Today is better, no light headed and I even made it to the mailbox with some letters to mail and let the chickens out.

I was watching Mollie out the window one day and she was constantly pacing back and forth from the front to the back of the house. When I told Bruce he said she is guarding a dead squirrel that he found in the shed while getting corn. She is very possessive and any cat that looks at it will rue the day. This morning she has added a dead rabbit to her collection so she is extra vigilant, I saw her chase Bruiser to the barn just for looking.

And we have a mouse on the loose in our upstairs bathroom! Bruce heard Zoe rumbling around in the night and he figured she brought another mouse upstairs. He went up to get something before he left this morning, turned on the radio and saw a mouse tail sticking out! The little stinker got away from Zoe by climbing onto the plant stand and hiding. He tried to whack it with a shoe horn but missed, at one point it was on the floor but he missed again and it jumped back up on the stand is is hiding in some plant. He is pretty ingenious so Bruce set a trap on the stand to see if the marshmallow entices him.

What exciting things are going on at your house?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I plug along, one step at a time

There is not a lot to report but appreciate all the nice comments so thought I better keep you in the loop. Monday was so nice, I ventured OUTSIDE!! Bruce left before it was light for chores at the farm and I decided it was just too nice for the chickens not to be out. So I carefully made my way across the yard with my cane, sticking to the open areas, repeating in my head, "heel, toe, heel, toe," so I didn't shuffle. Mollie is such a good dog, she seems to know, any other time she would be pressing up against me, I always say she tries to herd you. She just walked along with me, good as gold and smiling the entire time. The chickens were so happy to be free, I found several eggs, some frozen, Bruce isn't good about gathering but I'm just glad he takes care of them.

It felt so good to be outside, I hiked up the driveway to the mailbox and back, there is a slight incline each way so I was pooped when I got back to the house. But I did it two more times during the day, feeling very virtuous although it did poop me out each time. I vacuumed, not the best job but it got the chunks out and then I rested. I'm feeling pretty bored, as much as I love to read, that gets old and for all the channels we have on TV, it seems like I've either seen it or not interested. So I spent yesterday evening rearranging my Pinterest boards! Adding some and deleting stuff I've tried and didn't care for, that made me hungry and I was mentally planning some meals for us. Then I remember all the food in the basement freezer and decided we needed to eat that up first.

Sleeping upstairs didn't work out, it's harder to get to the bathroom so I'm back downstairs with Zoe in the hospital bed. But it is great to be able to go up and take a shower, I feel like a new person when I come out. Today is raw and cold, no walking outside, even the chickens are staying in and Bruce is off to a crop fair at Paullina. I wanted a fire so had him bring a little two wheel cart up from the basement that Rosanne left here. I can wheel it down the handy, dandy ramp, into the garage, load it up with wood, back up the ramp and into the kitchen. It worked great, I have a nice fire going and it's toasty warm in here. I'm working on laundry, it may take me longer but it's nice to have something to do.

Even though we are in for a couple of cold days, by Friday the weatherman says we are in for a warm up that is going to stay a couple of weeks. Since we can't get away to Jamaica, this is welcome news indeed.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A milestone!!

I made it upstairs and had a shower!!! Unencumbered by IV lines or using blankets as a moat! It was wonderful and I didn't want to get out but Bruce was waiting for his turn. I even tried climbing the stairs normally, rather than one step at a time and I got there. This really brightened my day, my Mom's Christmas Cactus was blooming it's little heart out, the cool temps and bright south sun really agrees with it.

One or both cats are my constant companion, Zoe really likes to hog the fluffy blanket that was a gift from a friend.

The hospital bed is higher than Clyde can jump so he gets ready and then leaps with his front feet till I grab and pull him up. Once settled in, he can sleep there all day, unless Zoe gets her nose out of joint and bugs him until he leaves.

We decided to have our own little Superbowl party so I made some homemade breadsticks with dipping sauce, chicken tenders, chicken quesadilla, chips, salsa and sour cream. A veggie plate with broccoli, cauliflower, Bernice's sweet pickles, Mark Carlson's dill pickles, Bruce had a beer and I had a root beer. It's a good thing we ate lightly at dinner!

I've made 2 trips to the basement today and 2 upstairs and think I'm doing great. I also think it's time to go sleep in my own bed and just use the hospital bed for the days, it will be nice to be snuggled up against my hubby again, it's been a long time coming.

Boy am I ever full, burp!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Home Sweet Home never looked so good.

I was just going to do my homecoming blog when I discovered I never published the one I did yesterday! Don't know what's up with that but we are home. It seemed like an interminable wait at the hospital, they were so disorganized, especially the pharmacist! Trying to sort out what meds to continue, what not to, what is new, etc. But finally we were in the car and I was out of there, into the fresh, brisk air and sunshine, that would make anyone feel better. We stopped in Onawa at Bomgaars, we can't seem to go to town without going there, and the store for a few groceries. I was exhausted by the time we got home but first thing was sort out all the meds and fill my pill box, never would I have thought I'd take so many pills.

It was an early night for both of us and it was wonderful to sleep in my bed again, with Zoe pressed up against me, I felt very refreshed when Bruce came downstairs. I have a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner and feel stronger, no pain in my legs at all, hopefully that means that the chemo pill is working on the nerves endings like Dr. Lunning hoped.

It's cold and cloudy out there today, Bruce is off to do chores, the animals wait for no one. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support.

Just waiting for the official word

Two different PA's from the transplant team have been in and said it's looking good for me to go home, my Methotrexate  count is still a tiny bit high but if I promise to drink lots of water, be responsible and take the rest of the Lucovorin meds to bring it down, I should be good to go. 

We had quite a surprise this morning when two window washers were dangling outside our building!

They were each in a sling, 7 floors up! Going down each side of my room, as the nurse said, what if you weren't decent?? They had a suction cup that they would stick to the window and pull themselves in, dip a roller in a bucket of hot water and swab the window before using the squeegee and then away they went.

The nurse said in the children's unit, the window washers are dressed as super hero's.

The Dr was just in, I'm out of here, don't have to be back till Feb 21 baring any unfor-scene circumstances, I will be good and drink, drink, drink.  

Love to all, Julie

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Going down, down, down.....

Mark, the PA was in this morning with good news that the Methotrexate is down below a point and tomorrow is looking like discharge, he is even doing the papers to expedite the process. They can't wait to get rid of me also. I feel weaker this morning after doing 11 laps yesterday and I forced myself to do 2 and now I rest. I slept better last night but it's still not like home.

Ground Hog Day Marathon is on and these young nurses don't get it. One watched the morning show and was bummed when they said it would be 6 more weeks of winter so I clued her in, it's either 6 weeks till spring or 6 more weeks of winter and she said, "Oh, is that how it works??" Bruce called and he is heading back down soon, I'm happy to see the sun shine, waiting for the tech to come back so I can have a shower. Perhaps that will wake me up, right now it seems like a long day ahead, I really want to curl up and go back to sleep. 

Bruce showed up about about 1:30, we took a walk and now watching more Ground Hog Day, interspersed with Alaska the Last Frontier. He brought a pile of mail and papers to go through, better there than home. I'm also spending more time sitting up in the chair to keep from sleeping, I'm seriously thinking of sending him out for a Big Mac and fries, doesn't that sound good? Not a lot going on around here, I'm drinking lots of water trying to flush, flush, flush so I can go home tomorrow, I want to blow this popstand.

I've been a little bummed because of the weakness but the nurse was just in and said don't push it, my hemoglobin is down and there is nothing I can do about that. I will still get up and walk but maybe only go a lap and rest, conserve my energy. Bruce went out to the cafe and got me a croissant, I'm really hooked on them but right now I'm able to use the extra calories. It might be time for a walk, another lap, I will have to be so determined when I get home.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Methotrexate counts going down s-l-o-w-l-y

I envisioned them plummeting but guess that was a little much to ask for, the Dr. was in and said 2 -3 days. I've walked 5 laps this morning and little shaky because I didn't sleep good last night, just couldn't get to sleep. I think one problem is that I'm using my tablet at night so not to keep Bruce awake with the reading light and that is a problem. The experts say that the computer lights tend to keep your mind open and going. I finally asked for an Ativan  in the early morning and I still think I'm trying to shake off the results. But I'm determined, I'm also choosing my food more carefully, blander protein, spicy doesn't cut it.

Tonight I will be alone so will switch back to a book, get my Ativan early and hope for the best. I heard from Elizabeth that her Dad gained a lot of strength on drinking the protein drinks so I'm going to mix vanilla and chocolate and see if that cuts down on the heaviness, I need more strength although I can do 2 laps at a time if I really try.

It's been Grand Central Station in here this morning, now I think I'll order some dinner and see how it goes. Bruce was off about 4:30 am to take care of things at home so it might be a long day but I must be patient. He read the devotions before he left and again, it sure fit out situation, it's as though the book was written for us. Maybe everyone thinks that. We will continue with Home Health when I get home but hope I'm able to move around the house as good as I can here. Kind of shaky, better drink my OJ I squirreled away from breakfast and maybe that will help. They are giving me extra potassium also, in fact I have 3 bags hanging this morning, they are taking care of me.

We look over the helo-pad, the copter left before dark last night and it returned long after, it lands between 2 tall buildings, that pilot has to have nerves of steel. There was a shooting between a peeping tom and a police woman and they were both brought here 2 days ago. Yesterday there was a police car down below all day, I wondered if they were guarding the prisoner kind of like on the police shows where they sit outside the room. One nurse said when it's a gang related, they guard all the entrances and everyone coming and going is escorted, how nice that much be! Bring a gang shooting into the hospital!

Just a few more tidbits from NMC.