Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's still a bumpy road out there

After feeling as though I was making progress, I woke up yesterday weak and shaky. I had my heart set on some biscuits and gravy so went at it but got winded mixing the biscuit dough and started seeing 'stars' that, from experience, I knew a fall was next so made it to the chair. To add insult to injury the biscuits were terrible, more like hockey pucks, I deleted that recipe from my Pinterest board. I didn't get any better all day and late in the afternoon, Beth, Dr. Lunnings nurse called to say my blood tests were very good except for potassium, I asked if that is why I was so weak and shaky and she said yes. So Bruce made a quick trip to town for pills, when I was in the hospital they not only gave me pills but a potassium IV as a chaser so it was obviously a problem then. I found out I have to do this two more times, starting the 21st, three weeks apart. I was hoping it was a one time thing but Bruce pointed out if I get that much better each time, I might be back to normal. I don't remember normal. Today is better, no light headed and I even made it to the mailbox with some letters to mail and let the chickens out.

I was watching Mollie out the window one day and she was constantly pacing back and forth from the front to the back of the house. When I told Bruce he said she is guarding a dead squirrel that he found in the shed while getting corn. She is very possessive and any cat that looks at it will rue the day. This morning she has added a dead rabbit to her collection so she is extra vigilant, I saw her chase Bruiser to the barn just for looking.

And we have a mouse on the loose in our upstairs bathroom! Bruce heard Zoe rumbling around in the night and he figured she brought another mouse upstairs. He went up to get something before he left this morning, turned on the radio and saw a mouse tail sticking out! The little stinker got away from Zoe by climbing onto the plant stand and hiding. He tried to whack it with a shoe horn but missed, at one point it was on the floor but he missed again and it jumped back up on the stand is is hiding in some plant. He is pretty ingenious so Bruce set a trap on the stand to see if the marshmallow entices him.

What exciting things are going on at your house?


  1. Wow, even stuck at home and you lead a more exciting life than I do :-)

    Hopefully the Potassium pills will do the trick. And the sunshine and warm temps this will should make you smile. Sit on the new ramp and soak up the sun ! Mollie will love you for it. Rest easy my ya.


  2. If the marshmallow does not work on the pest try peanut butter works for Ray all the time. Potassium is important, I have to take extra now and than to keep my legs from getting cramps. I can't eat banana. Robin