Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I plug along, one step at a time

There is not a lot to report but appreciate all the nice comments so thought I better keep you in the loop. Monday was so nice, I ventured OUTSIDE!! Bruce left before it was light for chores at the farm and I decided it was just too nice for the chickens not to be out. So I carefully made my way across the yard with my cane, sticking to the open areas, repeating in my head, "heel, toe, heel, toe," so I didn't shuffle. Mollie is such a good dog, she seems to know, any other time she would be pressing up against me, I always say she tries to herd you. She just walked along with me, good as gold and smiling the entire time. The chickens were so happy to be free, I found several eggs, some frozen, Bruce isn't good about gathering but I'm just glad he takes care of them.

It felt so good to be outside, I hiked up the driveway to the mailbox and back, there is a slight incline each way so I was pooped when I got back to the house. But I did it two more times during the day, feeling very virtuous although it did poop me out each time. I vacuumed, not the best job but it got the chunks out and then I rested. I'm feeling pretty bored, as much as I love to read, that gets old and for all the channels we have on TV, it seems like I've either seen it or not interested. So I spent yesterday evening rearranging my Pinterest boards! Adding some and deleting stuff I've tried and didn't care for, that made me hungry and I was mentally planning some meals for us. Then I remember all the food in the basement freezer and decided we needed to eat that up first.

Sleeping upstairs didn't work out, it's harder to get to the bathroom so I'm back downstairs with Zoe in the hospital bed. But it is great to be able to go up and take a shower, I feel like a new person when I come out. Today is raw and cold, no walking outside, even the chickens are staying in and Bruce is off to a crop fair at Paullina. I wanted a fire so had him bring a little two wheel cart up from the basement that Rosanne left here. I can wheel it down the handy, dandy ramp, into the garage, load it up with wood, back up the ramp and into the kitchen. It worked great, I have a nice fire going and it's toasty warm in here. I'm working on laundry, it may take me longer but it's nice to have something to do.

Even though we are in for a couple of cold days, by Friday the weatherman says we are in for a warm up that is going to stay a couple of weeks. Since we can't get away to Jamaica, this is welcome news indeed.


  1. I would say my dear woman that you are getting plenty of exercise!!! with the wood gathering, getting food out of the freezer, vacuuming, doing the laundry. I hope you won't be overdoing it!! Since your hemoglobin is down, you just have to listen to your body and rest when it tells you to. It must have felt marvelous getting outside. Three trips down the lane sounds more than enough! We love you Julie and are so grateful and heartened to hear of your returning strength. That plus the positivity you exude from these writings makes us so happy for you!! we are to be 40 this weekend, YAY!! Don't ya love it when January is over?!? Yesterday I heard the 'phoebe' song, that plus the mid 30's made me feel it was March. Thanks for making my day, Julie, after reading this wonderful post. Love ya honey, CG and Tom

  2. Love your blog! I feel like I know how you are doing and you sound so upbeat, I bet molly was just glad you were outside with her. Keep walking, but not today in the snow. The warm days are coming.....

  3. Julie-I read your profile and had to laugh. It must be wonderful to live in the country and do chores in pj's. Thanks for painting such wonderful pictures of the good life! If you venture to town and get worn out we are usually home these winterery days. If you stop by I'll make a chocolate razzy shake!! Guess where the raspberrys came from!?!?!��Sue

  4. John Denver sang "Hey, it's good, to be back home again." And just remember, every step you take, every task you do, gets you that much closer to being back to where you want to be. Love to you and Bruce.