Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Methotrexate counts going down s-l-o-w-l-y

I envisioned them plummeting but guess that was a little much to ask for, the Dr. was in and said 2 -3 days. I've walked 5 laps this morning and little shaky because I didn't sleep good last night, just couldn't get to sleep. I think one problem is that I'm using my tablet at night so not to keep Bruce awake with the reading light and that is a problem. The experts say that the computer lights tend to keep your mind open and going. I finally asked for an Ativan  in the early morning and I still think I'm trying to shake off the results. But I'm determined, I'm also choosing my food more carefully, blander protein, spicy doesn't cut it.

Tonight I will be alone so will switch back to a book, get my Ativan early and hope for the best. I heard from Elizabeth that her Dad gained a lot of strength on drinking the protein drinks so I'm going to mix vanilla and chocolate and see if that cuts down on the heaviness, I need more strength although I can do 2 laps at a time if I really try.

It's been Grand Central Station in here this morning, now I think I'll order some dinner and see how it goes. Bruce was off about 4:30 am to take care of things at home so it might be a long day but I must be patient. He read the devotions before he left and again, it sure fit out situation, it's as though the book was written for us. Maybe everyone thinks that. We will continue with Home Health when I get home but hope I'm able to move around the house as good as I can here. Kind of shaky, better drink my OJ I squirreled away from breakfast and maybe that will help. They are giving me extra potassium also, in fact I have 3 bags hanging this morning, they are taking care of me.

We look over the helo-pad, the copter left before dark last night and it returned long after, it lands between 2 tall buildings, that pilot has to have nerves of steel. There was a shooting between a peeping tom and a police woman and they were both brought here 2 days ago. Yesterday there was a police car down below all day, I wondered if they were guarding the prisoner kind of like on the police shows where they sit outside the room. One nurse said when it's a gang related, they guard all the entrances and everyone coming and going is escorted, how nice that much be! Bring a gang shooting into the hospital!

Just a few more tidbits from NMC. 


  1. Hi Julie, so GLAD to hear that you can do 2 laps at a time, that sounds like huge progress for you!! And now that you are hungry, hopefully you can find food sources that bring you needed protein and calories, but also are tasty and palatable. Instant breakfasts were popular on our unit, I'm glad you like them too. It is literally one day at a time for you, isn't it?? These past few entries have been full of hope, blessings, and prayers answered. Thank you for your updates!! Much love to you honey!!

  2. Hey Julie, there's no way you can be bored with all those tidbits your passing on! Now I feel like life on our farm is REALLY boring! Sleep tight and I'll talk to ya in the morning. Love ya, Beck

  3. Julie, just caught up on the past 3 blogs. You are certainly improving! So glad to read! I can imagine how good your shower felt, and hope you are eating, drinking and "lapping" around the halls with increasing vigor! Excellent! Since it is Groundhog Day I think I'll look for the tv to watch the movie.. "Needlenose Ned?" did you know Corey and I went to the town in N. IL where they shot that movie and they had specific spots marked with placques. It was fun to see!

    1. No, I didn't know that, just as I read it, up runs Needlenose Ned!