Saturday, February 4, 2017

Just waiting for the official word

Two different PA's from the transplant team have been in and said it's looking good for me to go home, my Methotrexate  count is still a tiny bit high but if I promise to drink lots of water, be responsible and take the rest of the Lucovorin meds to bring it down, I should be good to go. 

We had quite a surprise this morning when two window washers were dangling outside our building!

They were each in a sling, 7 floors up! Going down each side of my room, as the nurse said, what if you weren't decent?? They had a suction cup that they would stick to the window and pull themselves in, dip a roller in a bucket of hot water and swab the window before using the squeegee and then away they went.

The nurse said in the children's unit, the window washers are dressed as super hero's.

The Dr was just in, I'm out of here, don't have to be back till Feb 21 baring any unfor-scene circumstances, I will be good and drink, drink, drink.  

Love to all, Julie

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