Thursday, January 5, 2017

The road to the transplant begins today

After a sleepless night, I'm up, showered, dressed, packed and waiting to go, Becky is my chauffeur and responsible adult. The next week we will be staying in a motel and I will go in as an outpatient until enough stem cells are retrieved. If all goes well, I will then go right into the hospital for the second stage, heavy duty chemo for 6 days that will kill off anything nefarious still lurking around causing trouble. That means I will be gone a month, YIKES!

I made a cheat sheet for Bruce outlining such things as where to find the spare toilet paper, that is very important but he informed me that he already knew that.
How to run the dishwasher as he never has.
How to handle the ice on the backyard pond by switching out heaters.
Don't forget about Bonnie in the garden shed.
Buy the Lady Porky more soft food.
Where to find his favorite foods.
I put clean sheets on the bed and a clean towel up yesterday, it was up to him how long he wanted to go without switching!
You know, just helpful hints. 

Packing was a daunting task, what to take? Thank heavens Bruce bought a big duffel bag at the Spencer Fair with a multitude of pockets, I filled every one of them. Besides that I have three other bags and my big purse, I'll need a pack mule to carry them to my room.

"Oh, Becky...."

Tuesday Bruce and I were in Omaha for most of the day, repeating some tests, signing papers and ending with a visit from Dr. Lunning and Stacy where I signed more papers. It's really going to happen as long as I stay healthy. We have been overwhelmed with the support and prayers of people all over the country. I can't tell you how many people say their church prays for us each week. It's scary, but I know this is what I have to do to get a shot at a normal life.

I will miss this little snot...... standoffish as she is when I've been gone a few days, she may not know me in a month.

I will send updates but no pictures unless I can figure out how to get them on the blog from my phone, I didn't need another bag with the camera and laptop.

Love to you all.

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  1. Godspeed, Julie. Much love and prayers to you again. I didn't know you were leaving this early, I should have sent my card earlier! Will be thinking of you. Love from Wisconsin!