Monday, January 2, 2017

Ringing in the New Year with Family and Friends

With some family members getting ready to flee the frozen tundra, we wanted to get together before they left so last Friday make plans to meet in Mapleton at the Beef and Brew. It had been years since I was there but if you are ever in the vicinity, stop in and sample some of their fine foods. It was an interesting trip down for us in the twisting and winding roads but it wasn't boring. 

Most of the group had hot beef sandwiches, Bruce and I succumbed to their pan friend chicken and Sue had chicken strips. Bruce regretted his choice as the waitress brought huge hot beefs to the table topped with potatoes and smothered in gravy - for $5.00! I know what he will choose when we go back.

We had such a nice time, all too soon some had to leave and I wanted to get a picture. If you've ever tried to get a group picture you know it's like herding cats but eventually everyone complied with the directions.


From left to right, Carri, Max, Mary Ellen, Frank, Nancy and me. In the back row, Sara, Tom, Sue, Peter, Bruce and Rosanne. This year Sara and Max are traveling to Florida with 2 cats and a dog in their motorhome, it should be an interesting trip!

New Years Day we were invited to Whiting to have a sumptuous feast with our friends the Waugh's and what a feast it was.  

Prime Rib was the staring role with lesser parts played by the twice baked potatoes, fresh green beans, a big salad and homemade rolls made by daughter, Heather and topped with Sam's homemade peach and strawberry jam.

"Would you like a little AuJus with your prime rib?"
Bruce, Larry and Aaron, Heather's husband, retired to the living room to watch more football and catch up on the farming and Larry's trucking stories.

Sam, Heather and I stayed in the dining nook, after clearing the table to watch the numerous birds at the feeders and attempted to solve some of the world's problems.

It was dark before Bruce was able to tear himself away so we drove home very carefully, coming upon a herd of deer north of Smithland but that was the only wildlife siting. Sam sent home a generous box of canned peaches and pears from her trees along with 2 kinds of jam and a bag of Heather's rolls.

We vow not to wait so long between visits they cook really good food down there!

For an added treat, go to You Tube and look at the Christmas video that Heather and Sam made, it is wonderful! I have a link that Heather sent to my phone but it didn't work so just type in the search box, 'Heather Bircher Night Before Christmas on a Small Family Farm.' 

FYI - she has other video's of houses that are for sale, maybe you will find one that trips your trigger.

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