Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 7 still not up to par.

My battered body isn't producing enough white cells to get me over the hump so it's back to the hospital at 7 for the super shot, tomorrow morning shots and another 4 1/2 hours of collection. Baring any other setbacks, I will be admitted on Friday and then Becky will be released from her babysitting duties and go home. Bruce is planning on coming and stay the night and I'm ready to see him, it seems like an eternity.

By the looks of the weather for the first of the week, there won't be many visits. I'm getting relief from the pain so sleeping is going a lot better but it's still hard to sit much. They gave me a bed this morning and it helped but was still a long time to be in one place. I have to hold back on fluids and today was the day I thought I'd have to call for a commode, but luckily was able to take care of my muscles long enough to get to the bathroom.

Becky is able to take advantage of the meals at night, I did try a Wendy's Jr Burger and fries and it went down well. So I keep trying but my fall back food is tea and toast. We are off to the hospital once again, at least we have the route down pat.

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  1. Come on, whiteblood cells! Man up!! (hope they listened to me. ☺)