Monday, August 26, 2013

Traveling down Memory Lane with Heather

Today Bruce and I met our good friends, Sam and Larry Waugh, along with my sister in law, Susan and my sister, Rosanne and hubby, Peter, at the Golden Corral for dinner. Larry and Sam were my neighbors when I lived at Whiting, we became good friends through their daughter, Heather, who loved horses and I got the privilege of watching their three children grow up.

We took over the big back room in the restaurant, Sam brought Heather's recent wedding pictures and Sue had an album of her grandson, Jaxon. It was great, we had the room to ourselves and before we knew it, it was 3 PM and Rosanne and Peter had to get home to meet Kaiza at the bus. But before we left, we had a group picture.

 I'm not sure what Larry was doing to Sam in this one....


So I did a retake....
We had lots of laughs, exchanged hugs all around and vowed to do it again, soon, we all headed our different directions home. Seeing all the wedding pictures of a very now grown up Heather, took me back to the little peanut that first came over and rode my big horse, Spook.
I dug out my pictures, thanks to Sam, I have lots of pictures of Heather and the horses she loved so much, and started scanning them. It was hard to choose, going down memory lane is like rolling down a hill, it's difficult to stop!
Heather with Missy and Lacey, the filly destined to be her horse, the day she was born. Heather didn't know that at the time.

Heather and Lacey at their first horse show at Kingsley IA, a 2nd place!
Heather, riding Missy and leading Lacey in the Whiting July 4 parade.
Heather and I clinking glasses of sparkling grape juice after she paid me $1.00 for Lacey and I handed over her papers. Baby sister, Brittany looking on.
Heather and Lacey a year later at a horse show, they were both growing up.
Heather, Luke and Brittany all riding gentle giant, Spook.
Heather with her drawing of Missy and Lacey in the 4-H building, a WHITE?? What was that judge thinking??
Heather, Luke and Brittany spent a lot of time at my house, this day they had fun dressing up the cats, not sure if the cats had fun.

Heather and Spook in English Pleasure, this horse taught Heather how to ride when she was just a little squirt.
Heather at graduation day with Brittany who wasn't pleased at the thought of her big sister leaving home to go to college.
Heather was one of my bridesmaids and sang at our wedding. On July 4 of this year, Bruce and I were honored to be part of Heather and Aaron's wedding, held at the farm. Here is Heather, a beautiful bride, with a much older, Missy, her show horse.
Heather and Aaron.

Heather and their race horse, 'dancing' in the road.

Heather now has her own home at Boone, a husband, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds but I hope she enjoys this trip down memory lane, her and I with a trailer load of horses heading to the next show.


  1. What a nice story Julie, I remember most of the story of Heather and how you got her into horses. The lunch was wonderful and lots of fun, just spending the afternoon in the party room. I'm amazed at how nice the picture was of Sue, she was laughing so hard from the pushing - what fun!

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  3. I was also surprised that pictures of the group gathering at Golden Coral came out pretty good. What a fun afternoon!! Enjoyed seeing all the pictures from Heather's wedding. And this follow up blog of Heather is terrific. Sue