Saturday, August 17, 2013

Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT, try this at home!

Say you notice your neighbors fat steer has a little excess hair on his back leg. Do not plop down behind him with the clippers, bad things will happen.
This is best left to a professional such as this 4-H'er, who has raised this steer from a calf, broke it to lead, washed, dried, fluffed, buffed, clipped, and sprayed his coat into perfection.

To the steer it is just another day in the beauty shop, he probably would like a magazine to read while he is fussed over.

This big boy weighs in at 1400# but his handler has no fear of getting his head kicked in as he primps his show calf in hopes of catching the judge's eye.

And did you notice he's not texting while grooming?

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