Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Isn't it GREAT.....

when relatives you meet for the first time, or the second time in 19 years, are instantly friends also?? That happened to me last weekend. A second cousin or some such linage, called to say they would be in the area on Sunday to see her father's grave, she was not able to be here for the burial over a year ago, and wanted to met us for lunch or something.

Hey, the house is clean, the gardens are in good order thanks to the spontaneous garden party, I LOVE a two-fer!! Come on out and we will toss an extra burger on the Barbie!

Margaret, or Margie, as Bruce called her and she's his relative, her son, Michael, delightful wife, Sarah and their darling, blue eyed 10 month old baby boy, Gabriel, showed up just as I was pulling cream cheese stuffed, banana pepper poppers wrapped in bacon, off the Big Green Egg, heart attack in a snack and oh, so good. They disappeared quickly.

When we were in WI, I fell in love with the bins that Jean had in her refrigerator that kept it all organized so bought the box of four. They sat by the fireplace since we got home, in honor of company, I cleaned the refrigerator Sat night and neatly organized it, Margaret was duly impressed.

The second course were grilled brats and pork burgers topped with fried onions, deviled eggs, compliment of the girls in the chicken house and Janet and Foof brought calico beans.

It was a beautiful day and Michael is allergic to cats so we all went to the gazebo to eat.

We think Gabriel looks like the E-Trade baby.
Simone loving up to Margie.
Bruce wanted to take the three adults on a farm tour and I bravely offered to keep Gabriel, YIKES!! What was I thinking?? What if he needed a diaper change? Can I get him to use Clyde's litter box? Even Zoe doesn't want to use Clyde's litter box.
The four set off on the Gator and 4-wheeler while Janet, Foof and I kept Gabriel occupied in the gazebo and he was a good little boy. He had a bottle and the rest of his Cheerios, played with his monkey and rattle, I was thinking this babysitting was a piece of cake.
Then the Lundquists left for home and it was just Gabe and me, it didn't take long for things to go south so I made a panicked call for backup to his grandma. All was well in his world once again.

The family wanted to go see Willard's grave so Bruce and I took them to the cemetery. I love this picture of Gabriel patting his great grandfather's stone.
The whole family....
There was laughter, tears and hugs all around as the family left for their home and we left for ours and we all hope it won't be another 19 years before we meet again.


  1. Family has always been important to us, being for a LARGE family. But, why is it that the older we get the MORE important they are?? RosannaVan

  2. It's especially nice when families can expand as we get older; and not just contract...and he DOES look like the E-trade baby!