Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Alive!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!

I noticed a plant with big leaves growing in the chicken scratch yard earlier this summer. That isn't very surprising because I'm always throwing some pumpkins and squash in for them to eat and evidently one got away and decided to grow.

I didn't pay that much attention to it until one day I see it coming through the window, into the coop. It reminded me of the old horror movies of getting strangled and eaten by a foreign object.
Being inside the coop isn't all that great for a plant, with little light, the leaves tend to shrivel and the vines are very pale.
I had never watered this plant, never even paid that much attention to it but yesterday decided to get in the scratch pen, which isn't easy as it's only about 4 ft high, and see what it was.
A pumpkin! And not a shabby pumpkin either. It is hanging from the window but resting on the sill, so now the only question is, how big will it get?
Will the chickens leave it alone once it starts turning?
Why was there only one?
Guess I had more than one question. This is the strangest thing we have had grow on it's own since the pumpkin that grew in the pasture several years ago. The cattle never bothered it and we got 2 big pumpkins off it just in time for Halloween.

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  1. I can't believe the chickens left it alone. I had a pumpkin plant growing in the garden and the chickens ate it down to nothing (that was the broilers and guess they were hungry). Well it came back and has three large pumpkins on it now. I guess you don't have pumpkin eaters in your coop.