Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Sweet Corn time in Iowa

This is what I look forward to all year, the next best thing to eating it fresh is putting some in the freezer to enjoy this winter. A good friend offered us some sweet corn so I went over today and picked several buckets to freeze.

All the higher end dog food companies make a big deal about the fact that their food doesn't have corn in it, they claim it isn't good for dogs.

All the while I'm shucking corn, Mollie and Sadie are begging for an ear.

Mollie isn't above helping herself to some, I left some ears in the back that I was going to feed to the chickens. I put her in charge of watching the Gator, that's like having a fox guard the chicken coop.

Mollie eats her corn so daintily, she just skims off the layer of kernels. She wishes I would put those little corn holders in to make it easier to manage.

Sadie has it down pat, she holds it with her big paw.

 Just because corn isn't good for dogs, doesn't mean they don't like it, that's like the chocolate cake I ate for breakfast isn't good for me but I loved it.


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  1. I'm glad the dogs had a treat, they work so hard for you. And thanks for the bags of sweetcorn ready to freeze!