Thursday, August 15, 2013

One more thing, as Columbo would say.

After the tour of the capitol building at Pierre, we were encouraged to walk down by their lake and veteran's memorial. Where there is water......there will be wildlife.....

.....where there is wildlife, especially in the city, there will be people feeding them bread...and more wildlife will come.

What really struck me funny was the turtles vying for the bread! See those little noses sticking out of the water? Those are turtles charging for that piece of bread floating in the water. When we are in Minnesota, the turtles are very skittish and take off into the water when we come close. Guess that is the difference between city turtles and country turtles.
Bruce saluting beside his fellow veterans of the Armed Forces, he didn't want to at first, said it felt like he was mocking them. I said he was paying tribute to them.
I loved this eagle statue, it looked like he was suspended in space.


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  1. hey I LOVED the pix of my brother joining with his brethren with the salute, great pix!!! And honoring them all, he did!!!!!! for a 62 year old lady, you had quite the remembrance of this amazing tour, Julie....loved every bit of it, found it extremely informative and it sounded quite interesting, esp. the part of the land once again back as it was BEFORE the mining, just as it should be. How expensive is THAT to do?!?! that should mollify the naturalists, wouldn't you think?? I could imagine Brucie whistling or singing with all the Welk polkas, I would have loved that....'a ONE and a TWO and a..." thanks so much for sharing, esp. loved that great sunrise ya both, CG