Friday, August 30, 2013

The battle of the bulls

We usually have two bulls, a big bull and a little bull who will grow up to be the next big bull. You met big bull in a previous post about the 4th of July being his favorite holiday.

Louie is the little bull, he and big bull spent the winter on the farm living very peaceably. There were a few shoving matches but Louie was so much smaller, it was no contest and big bull did not feel threatened.
While big bull had to wait till the 4th of July for fireworks, Louie got to go to a pasture outside Meriden with a very nice group of heifers. We want them to calve in March so they will have our full attention. Louie was in favor of this plan.
But first you play hard to get....
Louie and the girls were quite well traveled as they were moved back and forth between two pastures. From Grassey's, to Tiny's.......
Where they disappear into the belly deep grass, this is cow heaven.
Back to Grassey's to finish mowing down his pasture.

Today we moved them for the last time, back home. Over the summer, Louie grew up and now has to share the pasture with big bull and his harem of women.
We found the cattle at the north end of the pasture and unloaded the trailer, might as well get it over with.
Louie came out the trailer on high alert, something was going on.
The ladies were also on high alert, they sensed a rumble would soon ensue and were vying for a ring side seat.
Big bull got wind of the interloper in HIS territory, there was lots of bellowing and pawing the ground to show his dominance.
First Louie had to do the ritual rubbing of the creekbank....

....insults were hurled back and forth across the creek....
"My mother wears WHAT???"
After lots of huffing, puffing and blustering, Louie crossed the creek to do battle. The calves were  like the neighborhood punks, cheering on the fighters.

The horses are unimpressed. "Men!"

We left these two trying to prove their manhood, Louie grew up over the summer and was giving big bull a run for his money. A few hours later I drove back out on the 4 wheeler to see how they were doing.
"Are you ready to give up?"
"I think I'd like a little grass..."
"HA! Fooled You!"
"Say Uncle! SAY UNCLE!!!"

And this is how I left them, head to head, they are going to have to work out a compromise but we were confident that one wouldn't kill the other, well, we hope not.




  1. great story Julie, let us know who the alpha is!! loved seeing the background land, as I'm always homesick for 'home' and your lovely blog pictures just take me right back. Thanks so much!!!

  2. How long do you sit out in the pasture to get all these pictures to tell a story? Good story.