Saturday, August 24, 2013



After the Memorial Day Flood of 2013, who knew it could turn off so dry, luckily not so hot as last year but the water spigot was definitely in the Off position. Bruce and I would hopefully watch the rains on radar tracking right at us, then dissipate or split, going north and south.

Two nights ago we were awakened by thunder, lightning, two little hail stones and RAIN! We stood in the dark kitchen door watching it rain, then went back to bed and listened to the rain through the open window. In the morning we'd had an inch!! Great jubilation spread throughout the land!! Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Man!!

The rain came at a good time, the weather man is predicting the next week to be hot, as in hades hot, upper 90's and hot, hot, hot with no rain in sight. The ground soaked up this moisture, the beans shot up another leaf, they are easily pleased, and all my flowers were smiling.

This morning I woke to a dark day, thinking it was really early, and I don't do really early, I glanced at the clock, 7:49, WHAT?? It was RAINING!! AGAIN!!! Hallelujah!! My shirt got wet as I fed the horses, dogs and cats and turned the chickens loose.

I had already planned to go to town, Bruce used the last of the milk on his cereal so I must, I must. He had planned to cut hay but the rain changed all that so he went along. It rained, lightly, most of the time we were in town but was slowing by the time we arrived back home. About 1/4" is all but we welcome every little scarce drop.

After dinner the sun came out, I took my camera on the search of the elusive hummingbird who has shown up the last few days. I have yet to put out the feeder as he has lots of flowers and is busy visiting each one. I didn't find the hummer but I did see these remaining raindrops on flowers.

These purple phlox....

A grass leaf...
Pink hardy Hibiscus....
the deadly Turtlehead! (Pretty to look at, just don't eat it.)
Orange double daylily....
Fruit of the cranberry bush, it's loaded this year and the robins have already been checking it out.
This sedum was sparkling with drops.
David phlox, so sweet smelling and huge heads this year.

Fuzzy Lambs Ear...

Pink shrub rose, every home should have some, no fuss, no muss, they just bloom constantly and they keep the big dogs out.

Red hardy hibiscus, a stunner in the garden.

Another daylily...

The Cup Plant, a native prairie plant that is so called because it collects water at the base of each set of leaves. Hummingbirds and other small birds have been seen drinking from the plant. Gifted to me by nephew, Brian L.

I was intent on my search for raindrops and switching out my macro lens, the ever hopeful chickens on my heels looking for a treat. Suddenly a big shadow covered us, the chickens shrieked and ducked for cover. Looking up I saw about six, huge turkey vultures circling overhead, YIKES!! KEEP MOVING!! KEEP MOVING!!

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