Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Working Cattle in the Winter, I don't recommend it.

We work our cattle twice a year, shots, wormer and any other thing that might come up, Bruce was busy with field work while the weather was nice and then the Polar Vortex hit and we had to do it. Thank heavens for flannel lined jeans, God Bless the person who had the foresight. Our faithful crew, Roger, Fred, and Bruce...

.....Jarrod the vet....

.....Brian his able assistant...

.....and Grassy, were all bundled up like Nanook of the North, but it wasn't long before Bruce, who was running around putting out fires and pushing cattle through the chute, was stripping down.

I kept my flannel lined jeans on.

The fat cattle and replacement heifers went first and we have never seen them so stubborn. They balked, turned around in the alley and generally made themselves a real pain in the rear for the wranglers. This heifer turned around right at the chute so Bruce shoved her backwards while Brian opened the side gate, she was  supposed to daintily step back into the open gate, turn around and get caught in the headgate. Instead she plopped down on her butt in a snit and sat there.

"Just try to move me, Big Boys!"

It took three guys but they finally got her through the chute, then this one decided to play statue in the alley, nothing moved him. Bruce was slapping him on the shoulder but he paid no attention.

He ended up sitting on the steer, Bruce about had him broke to ride when he finally decided to move. I was thinking they would make a good half time show for the Barnes rodeo.

The bulls get off easy, they get a shot of pour on insecticide from Bruce while they are lined up at the feedbunk, but they love to watch all the action at the chute. Baby Bull was quite excited.....

....while Louie took it all in stride.

"Hold your pants on son, the ladies will be back shortly."

This was the one we were looking for, the last cow, then everyone could go in for lunch, the payoff for a cold morning in the yards.

I told Bruce I was experimenting with a new roll and he nearly hyperventilated, so I reassured him that I would have some of the regulars. This was a recipe on Pinterest, Iced Raspberry Danish Braid, from Sally's Baking Addiction. If this is some of the things she puts out, I will have an addiction also! This is the easiest danish recipe ever, try it, you will agree, I guarantee it.

Seven people, two pans of rolls....

....and this is what was left, I think they liked it.

The vet crew had another place to go but we were sitting in the porch of the old house, it was cold but out of the wind, letting the food and drink settle, laughing and talking when Brian's phone rang. It was Wally, from the office, Brian quickly said, "We have 3 cows left," so Roger and Fred started mooing and and Bruce yelled, "Get in there!"  Brian hung up and said, "Wally said it sounds like you are busy!"

With that bit of hilarity, the party broke up, some of us went to work, some of us took the leftover food back home and I will be the first to tell you that the raspberry danish is a tiny bit smaller now and it may be gone by morning. I might have a new treat to bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year.



  1. oh boy I am always ISO a recipe for the holidays or to make for church coffee hour. That braid looked just like the butter braids that Fareway used to sell, before that company that made the braids decided to make them only for fundraisers. It was easy, huh and the taste is right? Maybe I'll make one for Thursday AM.....hmmmmm.... love the blog Julie, I read it always!

  2. I say kudos to those guys, who worked hard even though the circumstances made it difficult for them to do so. Anyway, you have a lovely set of cattle, and I admire you for taking good care of them and making their health a priority. That raspberry danish braid looks appetizing, by the way. Thanks for sharing that, Julie! All the best!

    Kevin Kelley @ Ronald Harris Ravens Worth