Monday, November 3, 2014

Winding down the fall

Harvest is officially over, the corn stalks are all baled and the cows have the run of the farm, we are winding down. Saturday we picked up the last 50+ corn stalk bales at the Ehlers farm But not without a bit of trouble. I had the bale hauler with a bale rack behind and Bruce had two bale racks behind his tractor. On the second to last trip home I got a call on the radio, "Julie, I lost a rack by Oswald's, can you unhook your outfit and go back to get it?"

"Sure, I said," a bit too confidently!

Do you have any idea how much weight is on the tongue of the bale hauler, full of bales and how hard it is to jack off the tractor?

Neither did I and I was not successful.

But it was a good thing because the rack did not come unhooked, the tongue broke and half of it was still following the rack that Bruce had on behind his tractor.

We were so lucky this did not go into the ditch and tip over.

This is when he made the discovery that only half a tongue was there, rats! It took a little thought and rummaging in the iron pile to find another tongue that could be bolted on and limp this wagon home.

Bruce smiling as he stands in front of 205 big round corn stalk bales, that is a job that is all wrapped up, so to speak.

Sunday we went to the pond and rolled up the electric fence wire that was put around the field to keep the cows in while they cleaned up the downed corn. The cows had deserted that field when it became obvious that they had done a good job and had another field to do.

But as soon as they heard us over there, they lined up at the gate, "We're ready to go in now!"

It's wonderful to see the pond at the picnic area this high, we haven't seen this much water in the last couple of years. GO FISH!

Back at the farm, it's time to get the caps on the bins, it was way too windy Sunday morning to do it and rain was coming. Bruce made it safely up and down two bins, now they are set for winter.

I'm feeling great these days, it's as though nothing was ever wrong, even my energy level is better. We have not had the corn stove or the wood stove going yet this year because with Bruce in the field, it was pretty much up to me to keep them stocked and I wasn't up for it. Yesterday I filled buckets of corn and hauled to the garage and today I decided to see how the log splitting would go.

As usual, my dynamic duo was right there, cheering me on!

The splitting went great! I did two Gator loads before it started raining and Bruce came home just as I was unloading.

It's good to be back among the living.


  1. Oh, man, it's great to see you like that and hear about your exploits! So glad you're feeling better. Lucky that wagon didn't tip over, and isn't it great that you had some extra iron just hangin' around waiting to be used when needed. Loved s'eeing the dynamic duo; guess they were tuckered out from all the high fiving and somersaults that you missed while you went for your camera...

  2. I agree; it is wonderful to hear you talk of farming again! - and that is why farmers have iron piles around, just in case you need something, it is usually in there somewhere........the trick is to find it! What a great fall for harvest, really, wasn't it?

  3. It is so good to see you smile.....I have missed that. Love your dynamic duo picture......those two crack me up. Now time to settle in where it will be nice and warm.

  4. Julie you look awesome!! Great to see a picture of you doing the things you love to do most......

  5. I feel great too, tonight we had our first fire, roasted hot dogs and cracked open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate life!

  6. Opened up your blog to see what is happening at the French farm. So glad to hear that you are feeling great!!!! Your smile says it all. I am off to mulch some leaves.