Saturday, November 15, 2014

We should be more like our dogs

I watched both Mollie and Murphy interact with Bruce today and came to the conclusion that they know what it's all about, love and joy.

They wait anxiously outside the garage door and vie be the first to greet him when he comes out.

"He's here, he's here, he's here! Our day is complete!!"

Bruce always takes the time to reassure Mollie that she is top dog.

Then gives his attention to Murphy to reassure her that she is also important and Mollie always get the hang dog look.

"I'm not so sure he loves me best."

They watch in dismay as Bruce heads down the driveway, absolutely certain they will never see him again.

But JOY of JOY's, he's back!!!! He came home again!!!!

They battle to be the first to be greeted.

"We thought you would never come home! He's here, he's here, he's here!!"

What better way to express their great joy than to tear around in the snow!

I think we should be more like our dogs...... them when they leave as though you will never see them again and leap for joy when they come home again and know that all is right with the world once again.


  1. Here, Here!! In the blog that I am reading by an eccentric lady in Ireland, she wrote that the trees are happy and they will never be the prime minister or the president, but just have an innate happiness. So do the dogs, except for my poor insecure Junior who is sure I am going to disappear or not love him, poor thing. You are right Julie, we should all live like your dogs. - RosannaVan

  2. a wonderful analogy, and so true! Glad you are doing well, honey!

  3. Oh, this just made me smile....loved the photo of Bruce and Mollie...if we could have seen the look on Bruce's face, I bet it would have looked just like the one on Mollie's! Pure contentment!!!
    Wise words, Julie...jean