Friday, November 14, 2014

The Winter Blogging Blues

I know it's not technically not winter but it sure as heck feels like it! We were lulled into the lovely fall weather, day after day of 60's and 70's, reading time in the gazebo, life was good. Then the Arctic Blast came and spread across the country, sparing few places of it's wrath and dumping copious amounts of snow to express it's displeasure of others. Luckily we were not in that area.

When Rosanne was here on Saturday, she asked if I wanted help wrapping the gazebo in tarps like I do every winter. I said no, it was too early and there would still be gazebo time before the real winter hit.

Bruce asked me Sunday if I wanted help wrapping the gazebo and I said no, "Yada, yada, yada."

I guess I was wrong.

I have pretty much holed up in the house, by the fire, with a stack of books. My days are the same, I get up at 6:45 and drive to Cherokee for my GCSF shot, it is supposed to be boosting my white blood cells, it's small but hurts like the dickens. I don't think the clinic at Storm Lake was happy with the way Cherokee did it last time, in theory I'm to have 7 shots and I only had 2 so my white blood count was not as robust as they would have liked. I think they had strict instructions to follow the protocol and I'm finding out there are side effects that are slowing me down. 

There is no slowing Bruce down, he has been busy helping our neighbor try to finish his corn, Wed night they were out until 10 but today they are hauling to town and the elevator closes down at 7 so they have to stop. We are in line for a measurable snow fall tomorrow, beginning at 6 am and going all day, I hope they are wrong. There's not much relief from the cold temps into next week and we have an appointment to work cattle on Wed. I will be serving hot chocolate instead of pop with the rolls, we will have to take the portable heater into the porch at the old house so they can eat their lunch in comfort. If I'm lucky, something newsworthy will happen that day.

In the meantime, bear with me, I've not gone away like some bloggers I began to follow and then they just quit, ticks me off! I'm just scrambling for something to write about.


  1. Good to hear from you, even the rambles........

  2. I tried to comment on the last post and it wouldn't let me, I got lucky today and it went through!