Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chemo, round 3, a good day!

I was still very apprehensive heading off to Storm Lake yesterday but I had my 'team' in force, both Bruce and Janet to watch my back. I'm proud to say this was the first time with no tears, I think it was because I was feeling so well, the first time was very traumatic, not knowing what it would be like and the second time I was awfully run down. 

But I also have a lot of people praying for me, the latest was Keith, an older man who works at Bomgaars. He is well past retirement but lost his wife and loves his job and he is a wonderful worker. Whenever they call for a carry out, you know it's something heavy and Keith will be the first one to grab his coat to take your cart. I had a cart full of cat food and on the way out to the car, Keith asked if I minded a personal question. He heard from a neighbor that I was under going treatment so I told him my story and that I was doing very well this time around. Keith took my hand and said, so easily and sincerely, "I'll pray for you." That brought tears to my eyes then and it does again as I write this.

As my sister in law, Jean, would say, "But I digress..." I was rather dismayed when I saw Dr. Wender, or Dr. No Bedside Manner's, name on the board as physician on duty but he couldn't have been nicer. He's the darnedest man, he sits on the little roly stool and sprawls across the counter, I don't know if it was just too early or what but it doesn't look very comfortable. Dr. Wender had the nurse evaluation that showed how well I did after the last one and I told him I felt as though I didn't have anything wrong with me. He decided to cut both drugs in half and give the first one at a low rate since I couldn't handle it when they tried to hike it up to 200. That was good news. He also said that the next treatment, Dec. 1 will be the last one, then a scan to see if the crips are gone and then, possibly, a maintenance treatment with pills to keep the nasties from latching onto any lymph nodes.


I got a bed this time, there are 3 rooms with beds and they were all full, I love a bed because I end up sleeping a lot. My nurse was Shari and she was wonderful, Bruce was doing farm book work to get ready for our pre tax appointment later this month, and Janet crocheted on an afghan. Shari was so attentive to all of us, asking if she could get anything. They keep the waiting room stocked with a fruit bowl, coffee, soft drinks and juice, and donuts from the Storm Lake Bakery in the morning and then cookies in the afternoon and you are welcome to any or all.

I had little problem with the chemo, my chest hurt a little but then went away and later a headache came on but they are quick to offer Tylenol or Aleve. There are big windows in the room and we could see the day get grayer as it went on, Bruce and Janet went outside to get to the cafeteria and they came back with the news that it was getting colder. It was another long day, I was finally done at 5:15 so it was nearly dark outside. We ran into some flurries on the way home so I was glad I had plugged in all my water heaters in the morning, Bruce had to go over in the dark and do his cattle fountains.

We thanked Janet again and again for all her support, this will be her last trip with us because they will be in warm Texas the next time around. I know she was happy with the way things went and has all her questions answered. I will do the week long blood tests and small shots again in Cherokee, it is worth the hassle of driving down there everyday not to have the side effect I had from the Neulasta.

We woke up this morning to a white coating everywhere and temps in the 20's, not to rebound until next Monday, YIKES!! But that brought the horses home, ever since I let them out with cattle into the big fields, they didn't need their senior chow. Lady got in trouble with Bruce because she was hassling the cows and that isn't allowed, so I hope she stays home.

Today is Veteran's Day, we are going to town to the luncheon that the Am. Legion Aux. puts on every year. Most of the ladies are getting up in years and very few young ones coming on so don't know how long it will continue. So thank a Veteran today, even the ones who think they don't really qualify because they were in the reserves and you know who you are.

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  1. So glad to read good news for you. I think of you daily and am glad things are looking better. Hugs to you my friend.