Saturday, November 22, 2014

R.I.P. Bunny

When Murphy came to live with us, I gave her a soft blanket and Bunny who comforted her and became her best friend.

The first thing Murphy did when she came in the house was to retrieve Bunny from the crate.....

....and bring her in the living room with the rest of the family, she thought Bunny would be lonely.

The hardest lesson Murphy learned was that she could not pull Bunny through the wire....

....but was triumphant when she finally had her safely in hand, er, mouth.

Murphy finally made the transition from a house dog to an outdoor and to complete it, I gave her Bunny, who she hadn't seen in a couple of weeks. Murphy was ecstatic! 

"Bunny! I've missed you!"

But Mollie was not to be left out and Bunny found herself hanging in mid-air, strung between two big dogs, seeing the sights of the yard. I really thought Bunny was not long for this world but I was wrong, Bunny was carried around all summer, left lying in a pile through rain and shine, then discovered again and given a wild ride.

But alas, recently I found stuffing scattered around the yard and finally found Bunny's dismembered body. The dogs still find and carry around parts, they don't seem to mind that she is flatter than before.

She was a good bunny.


  1. What a good bunny she was. She got to see Murphy grow up and is still there for her, well sort of....... RosannaVan