Wednesday, November 5, 2014

♫Somewhere, over the rainbow.....♫

Bruce rousted me out of bed this morning to bring him anhydrous tanks so that is how I spent my day, hauling them back and forth to town. He uses this big blue machine to knife it into the ground so next year our corn grows tall, green and abundant.

The wind blew like crazy all day while Bruce drove back and forth in the field.

I was directed to haul one tank down the dirt road and met a bovine, meandering her way back to the herd

Who would blink in the game of chicken?

"Road Hog!"

About 16 small rain drops hit my windshield on the way home with the last tank of the day but it produced this gorgeous rainbow.

I call this, 'Rainbow over the field.'

The cows do not seem too impressed.

I just thought this picture summed up our little piece of heaven on earth.....

....the combined field, the green of the alfalfa, the cows contentedly grazing, the trees of the pond in the background and the unsettled clouds swirling around.

Come visit, I'll bake a cake.


  1. Great pictures; great reading; I just love looking at your blog. You say so many things that I feel - we must be related!

  2. Beautiful pictures, glad you are feeling good!

  3. I hope you sent in your (little piece of heaven here on earth) to the ktiv weather photos. LOve the pictures and stories.

  4. and that's why I love your blog Julie - you always have your camera for the ready and then the pictures fall into place. I love that you celebrated with bubbly around your first in house fire and then the anhydrous gets down, with all the rain you've had you're still able to get a lot done and now finished!! very happy for you both.....and I'll have a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting please!! See you @ thanksgiving unless the weather puts a stop on ya!! CG