Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Winter, no, it's Spring, wait, it's Winter again

We were lulled by an idyllic fall with sunny days and temperatures in the 60's and 70's, it seemed as though it would never end. But then all came crashing down when an Arctic Blast roared in, barely giving us time to batten down the hatches and lay in the wood and corn.

How cold was it?

So cold that Murphy found a frozen mouse-sickle and proudly carried it around, taunting the cats with it.

It was so cold Mollie took refuge in the dog house with her heat mat and poked her head out to see if someone driving in warranted a greeting. I'm happy to say the dog house is serving it's purpose, both dogs and a cat or two sleep in it every night.

It was so cold that Larry Jr. took refuge under Blue's fluffy feathers to keep warm.

It was so cold that five chickens are nestled in this nest box.

And then there's Murphy,

"Cold, what cold?"
Just when we were resigned to the thought that winter was truly here to stay, we woke up to Spring this weekend! 

All the ice on the pond melted.

Bruce cut logs for the fire.

The bees ventured out of the hive and did a little house keeping. I made 6 fondant boards and opened both hives to feed them and found to my disgust, that mice had moved into the roofs. I evicted them, and got out the contact paper again to deter the little buggers.

Blue and Lucky were delighted to once again get out in the yard and scratch around without the pesky snow sticking to their feet.

But it wasn't to last, we woke up this morning to a winter wonderland again, not enough to have to shovel, thank you very much.

The dogs love the snow and chasing the purple ball.

Murphy doesn't understand the concept of playing ball, every time Mollie reached it, Murphy blindsided her.

Finally Mollie couldn't take it and gave Murphy what for.

"You little PUNK! I've had it with you!"

It's Thankgiving Eve and we have much to be thankful for, with the explosive riots erupting around our country, I'm so thankful for our little peaceful, white corner on earth.

And I'm very thankful for all of you, my dear family and friends.

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