Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hilltop Wedding

Bruce and I were invited to our young vet, Britt's, wedding last night to be held in their pasture. It was the most spectacular wedding I have ever been to! This literally was out in the middle of nowhere with 600 guests expected. The logistics was mindboggling.

Just providing power for all the lights, DJ, food tent, etc. involved running power lines several hundred feet and mounting a big electric box. It handled everything that was plugged into it.

This was the sign at the road, with subsequent signs on the winding path down the lane, skirting the pond, through the cattle yards to where the big event was held. I apologize for the blurry photos, I was in a hurry and it was getting dark, but you get the idea.



"Sigh, sniff, sob....."
We parked and walked to where the wedding was to take place and "WOW!!!" This is truly God's setting for 2 young people embarking on a life journey together!
The main seating was hay bales covered with a multitude of blanket and rugs with some chairs provided.
Mark 'giving' away his only daughter, who works by his side everyday in their vet clinic, I'm sure it was bittersweet.
Britt and Luke

Two of the several little bell ringers, the one on the left just discovered he was out there without his parents and erupted into howls, his brother quickly plugging his ears!
The happy couple after the vows and kiss.
Nothing was overlooked or lacked a farm/4-H theme. This is Britt's show box, set up by the port a potties, nothing, and I mean NOTHING was left out that a guest or wedding party might need!!

Look Closely! I thought that was a HOOT!

The BIG tent set up with tables, chairs and dance floor that her uncle built. You can see the big electrical box in both pictures.
The food tent, I should say endless food, after they fed us and the catering truck left, out came the snackies! Chips, salsa, Chex Mix, meat and cheese tray and crackers, as if we were hungry. But if you provide it, we will eat it!

Gourd hearts, awwwww.....
Even a TV set up with a feed to the IA State game! It was definitely an IA State crowd and the only thing better would be if they had won.

A view at twilight......

Bruce and I put on our dancing shoes and did ourselves proud on the dance floor, when the DJ played something we recognized. It was a hot night but we were caught up in the celebration and sweated all over each other. We think the world of Britt and wish them a lifetime of happiness, I'm sure this wedding was all she dreamed it would be.
We talked to some friends who were there with their daughter, another farm girl with her long time boyfriend and I could see Brooke taking notes! This could be a wedding for her in a few years.
We watched these clouds build and fire off lots of lightning and it did rain later, about .3" inch - then we hear that just 8 miles north of us, Paullina got 2.5", DANG IT!!!

What the heck are we doing wrong??


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  1. thanks Julie, what a great event!! I guess I don't remember that Mark's daughter was also a vet, who great to be able to work together....what fun everyone must have had and I am assuming they had a back up plan in case it rained??? wow what a lot of work!! loved the signs and the building of anticipation of what would be next to read. great entry, Julie - I thoroughly enjoyed it!! PS you're not doing anything wrong, once again we're back in a moderate drought ourselves...AACCHH!! our poor trees!! Love you, CG