Monday, September 30, 2013

Zoe, the Cutest Kitten in the World!! No Lie!!

I can't believe I've had this blog for a few months and never mentioned Zoe, the cutest kitten in the world. Move over Nermel, Garfield's nemesis. All our cats are spayed and neutered so they don't procreate but that didn't stop the occasional stray or drop off cat, from making their home here.

I do not know where Zoe came from, we got home from hauling cattle one morning and there was a tiny, scared, wild little kitten on the footrest of the 4-wheeler. She was held in place by an excited, wiggling Mollie, who just wanted to get more acquainted. The kitten didn't know who to fear most, me or that bundle of fur who was nose to nose with her.

I managed to grab her, then yelled at Bruce, "Get the cat carrier, if I let go of her I will never see her again!" That got an eye roll, but he dutifully got the cat carrier and I bless the day she dropped into our life.

There are cats and then there are special cats, Zoe is special. It took a few days to calm down but then she took charge of the house and everything outside. Everyone fawns over her silky soft coat, beautiful large eyes and big, mitten paw feet and she gracefully soaks it all in. She is a petite little thing but can make Mollie "SIT and STAY!" with an arched back, raised paw and crook of her head.

She does get a little cocky, just the other day I heard a cat fight right outside the front door, there was Zoe, in a standoff with Lucy, a cat that has been around the block a time or two and wasn't going to take any crap off this little shrimp. Zoe hair was strewn all around, not a bit of Lucy hair. I rescued Zoe from another thrashing and told her she needed to pick her battles better.

I've been working on a landscaping project outside the front door all summer, I have to keep tilling the ground because the weeds pop back up. There is nothing more inviting to a cat than a freshly tilled piece of earth. Zoe has one spot wallowed out into a recliner.

"I love a good roll in the dirt!"

"Ahhhhh, a good back scratch!"

"Rub the ear...."

"All I'm missing is a little tv with a remote."

"I'm cute, ain't I cute?"

"My gopher pose, eyes open...... 

....eyes shut."

And then there is Simon,
"Ain't I cute, too??"


  1. I love how Simon didn't waste the energy to dig a little in the dirt.....he just plopped down LOL !!

  2. I always laugh when I see cats lying flat on their backs, all relaxed! She sure did S T R E T C H all the way out, didn't she! ha ha!!!

    1. Zoe is no dummy, she knows this position will get her out of trouble or attention, which ever the case may be!