Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A lovely day for a ride

While Bruce was off fishing, again, really - does this man ever stay home and work? As long as I'm not the one who has to get up at the butt crack of dawn and go sit in a boat for hours, he can go fishing as often as he pleases.

Sorry, I got off track, where was I? Oh, back to 'while Bruce was off fishing', Lady and I took advantage of a beautiful morning to go meet the neighbor's new horse, Ranger and their pony, Willow. All three horses were very excited but cautious as they were behind an electric fence in the ditch and Lady is very familiar with an electric fence.

"I see horses!!"

"Well, hello neighbors, why don't you come along with us?"

Unfortunately Lisa was not home so we went on down the road and headed home. Lady does not like bridges, she believes there are trolls and they live under bridges. On this route we crossed 4 bridges, a veritable nightmare for her.
Lady approaches each one with much trepidation, then tip toes across, if I would let her, she would race across like the devil himself was hanging on her tail.

Lady spotted the neighbors Holstein heifers...
....she has never seen black and white cows before.

"Cool paint job, man....."

"Really, rad man..."

We met our mailmam, Janet and Lady has never met a person she didn't like. If she could get in the jeep and sit on Jan's lap, she would, I was just hoping she minded her manners and didn't blow her nose all over Jan.
"Not ANOTHER bridge!! AAUUGGHHH!!!"
Just a mile from home we met the maintainer, a real heart stopper for my lovely little mare. It was big and yellow and noisy and dusty and she wanted no part of it. Luckily, George, has horses of his own and slowed nearly to a stop for us to get by. The only other choice was to take the ditch and Lady is sure trolls live in ditches also. We need more miles.
After 6 1/2 miles, we reached the safety of the barn, when I slid down from the saddle I could hardly walk, we definitely need more miles.
"What are you complaining about, I am the one hauling your sorry butt around, you could get off and walk once in awhile you know!"
I hate a sassy horse.
But a nice dust bath and shake and all is forgiven.
And an extra feeding of oats doesn't hurt.



  1. Julie, why do horses and cows and buffalo roll in the dirt and even more why do they seem to relish in this activity?? curious minds.....

    eeuuww, hopefully the post lady did NOT get a snotty hello (you didn't mention if she did!!)

    Great entry Julie - esp. loved your perspective from the saddle's view!! thanks for the ya, CG

  2. That's how they scratch their backs, especially when sweaty and dirty from a long ride. Also, I did bathe Lady because she was so sweaty, obviously she did not appreciate the bath. When I showed horses and gave them a bath, they had to stand tied until they dried or they would roll and get all dirty again.

    No, Lady minded her manners and did not spray Jan, I taught her well.

    Always watch the ears, where the ears go, the horse goes, she was totally fascinated with the Holsteins, as we rode on down the road, she kept looking back. Guess we need to get some.