Monday, September 2, 2013

Mugged by a Llama

A week ago, Bruce and I went to the Hanover Old Time Music Festival. Hanover is an old settlement south of here and every year they have a celebration with polka music, petting zoo, corn shelling, saw mill running, put hay in the barn the old fashioned way, run a cider press and other things that shows how hard people used to work on the farm. It is a far cry from today when most everything is done from an air conditioned cab in the tractor.

They also have an old house that is furnished with that period appliances and furniture, it's amazing at how similar the things are to the house I grew up in!

I'm not big on polka's but it was a hot day, I knew I wouldn't do anything at home and Bruce would take me out for dinner, hey, I have my priorities. I also took my book and a big jug of water, while he tapped his toes to the music, I was immersed in my current story. Works for both of us.

I was impressed at how many instruments some of the musicians can play, first an accordion, then a trumpet, switch to a saxophone, then concertina or harmonica. That is pretty impressive. I was also amazed at how young some were, polka's seem to be the older crowd choice.

One of the men in the second band makes these accordions and they are beautiful!

They also had Grandpa's barn that housed a flock of chickens, a baby calf and 2 Llamas, a mother and youngster. The youngster was so friendly and took offense if you did not stop, pet and admire him. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant with his face right by mine because they can spit, but this little guy was very well mannered, his mother evidently taught him never to spit in public. Bruce walked right by while I was petting and he couldn't believe it. He turned his head and stared at Bruce until I told him, he hurt his feelings, so he came back and petted the baby.

A little girl was walking behind us, looking back and talking to her mother, I was ready....."Well, HELLO there little girl with the golden hair!!"

She turned around and was up close and personal with the baby and wasn't quite sure what to make of him. He thinks he just met his new best friend, she was his size.
When we looked around at the crowd that day, it was smaller than other years but it was hot, HOT, and that could be a deterrent. Most of the people working and attending are older than us and we are no spring chickens ourselves. We wonder in a few years if there will even be a Hanover festival?
With 99% of the population removed from farming now, it's important to remember how hard it used to be. Would you rather do this to get your corn picked and shelled?
Or this?
You make the call.

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