Friday, September 6, 2013


Have you fallen under the spell of Pinterest? If you have not been on this planet in the last year or so, Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you can 'pin' things you find interesting on the internet, it is all the rage.

You will learn the deepest, darkest secrets of the friends you follow on Pinterest.

Take my friend, Carla Sue, she has pinned 17 different Whoopee Pies! Red Velvet, cookies and cream, mocha , banana, raspberry and cream, s'mores, a blue one, there is even a whoopee pie pan to make it easier. (P.S. Happy Birthday, CC on this Friday the 13th, hope you aren't spooked!)

My sister, Rosanne, is all over Pinterest as her mind goes 100 MPH, she is planning a Halloween party, a chicken coop and a wedding with burlap. I do believe she is going for the all time record in pins from a single person. If she has been gone, I know she is home by the new pins that show up. I kid you not, one time 15 minutes after she landed, she was pinning. We might have to do an intervention.

Another friend, Kim, is gearing up for Christmas by the look of her boards. She is a master decorator of 'junk', things most people would not see the potential. Every year she has a Christmas open house, I go to be inspired and she never lets me down. I race home, itching to decorate.

Sister in law, Sue, the glass artist, is always pinning some new fused glass bauble that I pine for. Two years ago she made me these fused birds on stakes for the pond. Aren't they just WONDERFUL??

Yesterday, Rosanne, with Jr. her needy little dog, in tow came to go to garden club and then spend the night. Jr. is very afraid of cats, our mother's cat gave him a lesson he has never forgotten and our place must be the house of horrors where cats are everywhere. Throw our special needs cat, Clyde, into the mix and it's hard to tell who is most freaked out.
Things got interesting at garden club when one member accidentally locked her keys in her vehicle. Never fear, with a few itty bitty glasses of wine under our belts, we women can do anything, including unlocking a car with a coat hanger.

We were soon rewarded with the vehicle flashing lights and honking. We wanted to try our hands at hot wiring but she did have the keys.
This morning Rosanne, Jr. and I had some quiet time in the gazebo before she hit the road. Did I tell you Jr. is needy?
"Please, please don't leave me here, it's a nightmare out there I tell you!!!"

But then, we have our own needy dog.
"Please, please, PLEASE Bruce, take me on the 4-wheeler, I'll be good, I promise!!!!"



  1. Oh NO! Do I have no secrets?? By the way, you can now hide boards on pinterest.............................. Rosanne

  2. I just saw that the other day about making boards that you can hide. Let see, what do I want to hide so that no one else can see what I have pinned. HAPPY PINNING!!

  3. Rosanne, I loved your little dog. What is wrong with needy dogs. Now I would love to see Bruce take his on the 4-wheeler! Robin

  4. You do learn a lot from your friends when you follow their boards :-) And you will notice, I Pin alot, but do I actually do any of them ???? I guess we will see at my party in December :-)