Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Remember Otto? The bullfrog tadpole that our California Kids netted and released into the backyard pond?

The pond is very lush with grasses and plants so it has been nearly impossible to see if he was still in there, or if he grew his back legs and blew this pop stand.
The goldfish are always easy to see because they are such beggars, anytime I show up, they swim over hoping for some food. We should have painted Otto a fluorescent orange!
From time to time, I would be around the pond doing something and heard a "Splash!" so I suspected Otto was still in residence but today I know Otto is here!
I was by the pond and there he sat, I slipped back into the house for the camera and got off this one shot before Mollie bounded over, "HI! WHAT YA DOIN'?? CAN I HELP??" By that time Otto was long gone with a 'splash' into the pond.
Mollie doesn't understand stealth.

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