Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A hen with hemorrhoids! (And just try spelling that without spell check!)

One of the little Serama hens, the last of the original group, has a problem with her bottom. It's no wonder, I watched her lay an egg one day and it was tough, she strained and strained before the egg popped out. She is an older hen and, well, things get a little droopy with age and don't go back in place like they used to.

But what to do? As usual, I turned to Mr. Google and come to find out, you can treat chickens with the same Preparation H that is in your medicine cabinet for someone who shall remain nameless in our household.

First I had to catch her and it's much easier in the dark, I blinded her with the flashlight, then scooped her up and she started shrieking which upset the rest of the chickens. I don't blame her, I'm sure it was very frightening, she probably thought the end was near.

Things were a little messy, if you get my drift, so I gave her a sitz bath in an ice cream bucket of warm water with a towel draped over it. Surprisingly chickens love a warm sitz bath, I've used it in the past when I had a hen who was egg bound. Bruce had never seen a hen in his laundry sink before so snapped a picture. The warm water relaxes them and they lay an egg averting a problem.

The little Serama wasn't quite as relaxed as the old girl in the sink but I got her cleaned up and dried with the towel before applying the Preparation H. Be very gentle and wear a glove.

Two days later I had to do it again but tonight I'm happy to report that all is well with her hiney, just so you know, caring for chickens isn't for sissies.


  1. Wow, I'm so glad I have chickens AND I have a sister who knows how to take care of them! I'll call you, Julie, to come help with my chicken"s problems..........

  2. Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up on reading your blog. But you never fail to give me a good laugh with your farm stories. This is a good one!!! Now just how many people would really treat their chickens with Preparation H.