Tuesday, July 2, 2013

There's no rest for the wicked and the righteous doesn't need any.

Since we had the morning off, for a funeral, Bruce decided we should go finish cutting the trees at the neighbor. We did the bulk of it yesterday so I agreed but this time I was better prepared and took my camera along, remember yesterday I thought it was only going to be 'a couple hours.' Silly me.

The last stumps from the BIG tree we, and I use the term loosely, cut up yesterday, really BIG stumps, there is lots of heat in those stumps.

Another BIG tree, but not as big as the one we cut yesterday, for Bruce to make into firewood today.

This is how you push a stubborn tree over, more power.
A loader bucket of wood going into the Rhoorda Wagon.

Pesky brush cleanup is a breeze with the grapple fork.

The self unloading Rhoorda wagon dumping our newly cut logs into the wood pile.

2 days, three trees cut and piled to dry, this will probably provide us most of the wood we need this winter. You can't be a wuss and burn wood but it would be a lot harder without all the big equipment we have. And the neighbor's chain saw, Bruce is on the hunt for his own Stihl Wood Boss 270.

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