Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How do I love thee......

Let me count the ways on this, your 64th birthday, Brucie!

He's kind and patient with children who share his love of fishing.

He's a great cook and host at the pond for family and friends.

He talks to the animals.
He's a tireless farmer who looks after God's creation.
He's fearless in the mouth of a cave.
He looks after the most helpless and innocent of God's creatures in his care.
He loves my dog and my dog loves him more than me, but I can live with that.
He loves cheering on his beloved Vikings with sister, Carol and cousin, Dennis.
He works hard to keep the home fires burning in the winter.
And the fact that he can still love me, even when I'm wearing a dorky helmet.
Happy Birthday, Baby!!






  1. what a lovely, sweet, tear-invoking tribute to my dear brother, Julie!! No one's better than Brucie for sure - and he could not have picked a better mate for life. Much love to you both!! CG

  2. That is a great blog, love all the pictures.

  3. Sorry to be late on the birthday wishes!! Happy birthday Brucie! :) This is a lovely entry, Julie! So thankful that you found each other!! Love you both!