Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celebrate - part 2!

Friday Jean, John, Bruce and I made an all out assault on Kohl's in Madison with our 30% off coupons clutched in our sweaty hands. I don't know what it is about that store, neither Bruce nor I are big shoppers but we love Kohl's, especially when we get the 30% off. We always come out with a register slip that says we saved more than we spent, how can we not go?

I was the big winner, I had not bought shorts forever and hit the jackpot. Gloria (Vanderbilt) is my new best friend, her shorts were a size smaller than the Lee's and fit me to a T. We stopped at a mom and pop pizzeria and had great food before going home to rest up for the night ahead.

We had pulled pork sandwiches, leftover from the previous night, the never ending pasta bowl from the huge salad Jean made the first day we arrived and this yummy raspberry pie Gerb made the previous day.

Saturday morning the three guys went golfing and we three women hit the Sun Prairie farmers market where I bought this beautiful bouquet of flowers for Jean's table. Pretty cute little girl, too.
Saturday night daughter, Lori and her son, Corey, came over along with Mike and the 3 Foresters for yet more food. Lori served as bartender and fixed fancy drinks for everyone, Lori and dad, John.

Lori and Bruce

Lori and mom Jean

Lori and me

Lori and Gerb!


Lori and brother, Mike

Lori and her cute son, Corey.
We all sat our on the deck with nummies the Foresters brought. You take a strawberry and hollow out the top, fill it with Amaretto, then squirt a dollop of whipped cream on top and down the hatch. Yum, these things are addicting. Kate was demonstrating how to make the first one but got the giggles and couldn't squirt the whipped cream can.
Lori handing one to her mother while Kate builds another.
And we all laughed watching everyone stuff that whole strawberry filled goodness in their mouth, knowing our turn was coming.


It was a fun evening, filled with lots of laughs but eventually all vacations must come to an end. Bruce and I went to church Sunday morning with Jean and John at the little stone church they belong to. Back at the house, one last group photo.....
Hugs all around, this was such a fun few days, time with loved ones gets more precious as the years go by but home was calling us. Mollie met us at the garage, crying and crying, she really misses us when we are gone. But I brought her a lizard and she loved it, her world was right again.
Back at home the grass needs mowing, the flowers need watering and weeding, the beans need walking but that is countered with time spend in the gazebo with a good book, Plymouth county fair fun, and going out to eat with good friends. Always take time to smell the roses. 


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