Monday, July 22, 2013


Definition of celebrate (v)

Bing Dictionary
 [ séllə bràyt ]   

  1. show happiness at something: to show happiness that something good or special has happened by doing such things as eating and drinking together or playing music
  2. mark occasion: to mark a special occasion or day by ceremonies or festivities
Bruce and I celebrated his 64th birthday and his sister, Jean and hubby, John's 43rd anniversary on July 18 by traveling to De Forest WI and staying a few days. During that time we did all of the above.
Bruce opened his present from me, an aerial photos of the farm he grew up on and the one we live on today that were taken in the 70's, very cool!! How things have changed in 50 years.
The three of them and brother in law, Rich, went golfing on that beastly hot day while I chose a more sedate activity of sitting in the air conditioning and reading my book. After the golfers returned, ate and rested, Jean and I got a 10# pork loin ready for the grillmaster, John to cook. Bruce's other sister, Shirley (Gerb), hubby Rich and daughter Katelyn were coming over for supper along with Jean and John's son, Mike.
 While the loin sizzled below us, sending up tantalizing smells, we had drinks on the deck, John...
Son, Mike...
Jean, I love this picture, she looks like she is up to something!
Bruce, the birthday boy with a nasty cold.....
Me, with my skinned up nose from falling off the chicken plucker, don't even ask.... and where did all that grey hair come from??
Shirley came with the family, a big kettle of potatoes with peas and 2, count them, 2 pies! Strawberry rhubarb....(we saved the raspberry for the next day.)
Jean with what was left of the pork loin after we all pigged, get it, PIGGED, out on it.
Rich, Shirley and Kate, who had had a hard day with work and school and was ready for her bed...
We all needed our beauty sleep because Friday we hit Kohl's with our 30% off coupons, Yee Haw!! Stay tuned!


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  1. hhmmm, falling off a chicken plucker - one can almost imagine the story behind THAT one!! so glad to see all the rellies in WI!! Looks like a good time was had by all......CG