Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Two-timing rooster

Once upon a time I was given a family group of Serama chickens, a tiny breed, Lawrence and his 4 little women, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy together didn't make one big chicken. But they were so entertaining to watch, they went everywhere together, Lawrence wasn't happy if they were not all there, he didn't seem to understand that they did have a job everyday that involved some time in the coop. He would run back and forth from the rest of the little flock to the coop, calling and calling until his family was complete once more. I'm sure more than once he heard, "Do you MIND?? I do have an egg to lay!!"

Out of this little group, a tiny egg hatched into Larry Jr. who got along with his father for a long time before he decided he needed a family of his own. The only problem was, all the little women spurned Larry Jr. and, if you think about it, it's a little weird since one of them was his mother. I decided to help Larry Jr. out and get him his own little bride and found an old English Game Hen who was even tinier than the Serama's. It was like a mail order bride but it worked, they took to each other and seemed very happy. Every night they are together on the roost.


But by day he lusts after the big girls, last year he had his sights set on the lavender orpington hen and followed her all day.

This summer he was caught canoodling with this black hen in the dusting barrel, "What? Who, Me??"
Tonight I found them in a compromising position but in chickens, size does matter, not much was getting accomplished.

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