Thursday, July 11, 2013

Riding the Range or "Happy Trails to You....."

Lady and I hadn't been out on a ride since our California Kids left, things to do, hot and muggy but this morning was absolutely lovely. Bruce was off golfing, I saddled Lady and we went to check on the cows, "Hello Cows!"

"Hello Wooley Bully, been rubbing in the dirt again, I see."

"Hello #24, you are one of the best cows on the place and what a nice baby you have."

After check the cows, we headed down the road to check on our neighbor Tim's new house. This is the sight they will be greeted with every morning.

This is their driveway over their new dam to their new house, just better be careful when it's slick, "AAUUGGGHHHHH!!!!"

This is their new pond that filled, overflowed and burst on the night of the BIG RAIN.

 I was amusing myself on the way home, photographing our shadow, I think I had about 20 pictures. My question is, how does the computer know to flip a picture 45 degrees? How did it know to stand this one on end rather than leave it horizontal so it looks like we are riding sideways? If anyone knows, please inform me, I really want to know.

My sweet Lady, glad to be back at the barn after a terrifying moment when we met a noisy semi driving way too fast on our gravel road.
"Yeah, and I had to go out without breakfast, don't you know that is the most important meal of the day?? I feel weak."


  1. What a relaxing ride you had. Beautiful countryside. I can't wait until I can enjoy my mornings like this...well not exactly like this, I do not have a horse LOL !! But just enjoying the beautiful mornings in Iowa.

  2. I'm so glad you are back to riding horses and have such a nice young Lady to ride - RosannaVan

  3. what a beauty Lady is, Julie!! These pictures especially are lovely, it's so beautiful out in the country and it looks so peaceful....what in the world was a semi doing on the gravel?? how rude to break into your lovely solitude. what time of day was your ride?? I loved these pictures!! CG

  4. Well, C.G., you know I'm not an early riser but we were on the road a little after 8, it was a perfect morning. The truck was loaded with some tin, I'm thinking he was delivering to someone in our neighborhood. It was a little nerve wracking because Lady does not like loud trucks and there was no driveway! I held up my hand as a signal to slow and he did, a little. I faced her toward the truck but she whirled just before he met us and that was all. She was probably thinking of that breakfast she was late for.

  5. What does the name on your saddle horn mean? :)