Sunday, July 28, 2013

And She had Callouses on Her Hands...

I met my husband, Bruce, at a singles weekend in Sioux City 22 years ago. When he asked me to dance, he said, "I've never danced with anyone who had such calloused hands before!" Now that is STRANGEST pickup line I've ever heard!! But I soon found out that this is him and I decided quickly that I liked him, a lot.

Enter Pinterest. If you aren't familiar, it is an online bulletin board that you can 'pin' things you love, recipes, home remodel, you name it, it's on Pinterest. My sister, Rosanne, is the Pinterest Queen! When ever I open it, Rosanne's latest pins always come up, if she has been gone, I know she's home by Pinterest pins!

Last Thursday she gave me an early birthday present, this is called an Altered Doll, made from different things and so many that are special to me!

The western hat, a tribute to my love of horses and years of showing.

The little trowel she is holding for my love of gardening.

The body is a tin box of French, for my last name, fish food for my backyard pond filled with goldfish.

"And she had callouses on her hands" on the little tin tart skirt!

The little horse shoe decorating her black dancing shoes.

Pearls and lace for my wedding dress.

This is SUCH a TREASURE! Thank you, thank you, I will cherish it forever!! Love Julie


  1. This is so sweet! :) What a lovely gift!!!

  2. One of the most thoughtful gifts ever! Happy Birthday Julie!!

  3. Roseanne, what a remarkably perfect gift, I loved every inch of it!! where in the world would you find the treasures - 'French' tin (SO appropriate!), that cute little horseshoe and the trowel!! a tin skirt, I'll have to examine this little lady closely when I see it in person next time I'm home. LOVE IT that you put the words on the skirt, too - it is an ideal gift for your sister. Once again, you have made something absolutely perfect!!! I continue to be amazed by your talent......Lucky you, Julie!! happy birthday honey!! Love ya, CG