Monday, October 3, 2016

"Julie French, welcome to the 21st century!

I am now the proud owner of my VERY OWN CELLPHONE!! The last time I had one was when I was driving back and forth to Whiting everyday and it was a bag phone, does anyone remember them?? I thought I was really something!

Bruce eventually got one because he was over at the farm everyday with no communication, we had vehicles with On Star and kept minutes on the phone which worked well when I was gone with the car. The only problem was no one could call me unless I happened to be in the car.

On Star keeps going up in price and when I figured what it cost for a year and then the minutes, I decided now was the time and I thought having a phone while I was incarcerated in the hospital in Omaha would be good.

But what to get?? Go on a family plan with Bruce and Verizon? I still don't plan on it being my main form of communication so I looked at TracFones. I knew Jean had one for several years and emailed her for advice. She said she has had three, bought one for her grandson, friend, Sandy and sister, Carol are also happy with theirs. She told me to look on either HSN or QVC and look for the phone that comes loaded with minutes and has triple minutes for life.

So I looked and looked and looked, until my eyes were crossed. I took a break, used up the minutes on our car phone by sitting in the car calling any long distance numbers. (Does anyone watch Reba? There was an episode where Brock and Barbara Jean got a talking car and they would each sit in the driveway carrying on a conversation with it.) That's what I felt like.

I looked some more and in despair emailed Jean, she said, "Would you like me to find you a phone?" 

"Yes, YES and YES!!!"

Two hours later I had an email, "Here's your phone," 

Isn't she pretty?

It's been a learning curve, the biggest thing will be texting if I want to get the most out of my package. I know, I know, everyone does it but it seem like a pain in the butt to me! I see these kids with their thumbs going a mile a minute, with me it's hunt and peck, backspace, curse, hunt some more. It's an LG smartphone so I can take pictures, surf the web on the go and that's pretty cool. I'm slowly building my contacts list so if I haven't contacted you yet, you may not have made the cut - kidding, kidding!!

I was laboriously typing out a message and used the word 'foible' the phone hesitated, then "Add foible to dictionary."

HA! I'm smarter than my smartphone!!

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  1. Hey Julie, just catching up now on some of your blog. Congrats on the new phone and I love the case, too cute!! Plus, it should be easy to find if you misplace it, HA!! Yes I do have a trakphone, I am still trying to get used to the keypad to text. Which one is the uppercase?? why do I have a period after every word?? where is the apostrophe?? Egads, it's frustrating!! But then, I rarely text but there are times when it does seem appropriate to use. I can get on the internet with mine.....but when I use it to search a restaurant for example - somehow I get lost and can't continue with it. It shouldn't be so difficult!! Hope you enjoy it and can get the learning better than I. Tom also bought a phone. Both of ours are track; just buy 3 months cards. Unlimited minutes as mine triple with every card I get, Tom's are doubled. And both of ours are mostly OFF. It's only for 'emergencies'. Sorry this is so long!! Have fun!!