Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beavers at the pond - the bane of Bruce's existence!

Why is this man frowning?

(Clue - look at the high water in the culvert leading to another pond, BEAVER!!)

When he first discovered the plug, Bruce took a long pole over and tried to dislodge it manually, the beaver did a good job of engineering the clog and he was thwarted.

Why is this man smiling? Brian was brought in with his big truck to unplug what the beaver did, PAYDAY!

With the sure footing of a mountain goat, Brian threaded the air hose into the culvert, he did not want to take a dip.

On the back of the truck is a huge air compressor to power the hose to unplug the clog that the beaver built.

The high water forced it to find another route to the pond and was coming from around the culvert. That could create a lot of problems with the dirt eroding and it had to be stopped.

This was the puny stream flowing from the west side of the culvert, considering how high the water was, something needed to be done.

The only thing the compressor managed to do from the east side was dislodge some mud that discolored the water.

Brian changed tactics, brought the hose around to the west, at that point I scrambled up the bank because he warned against the blow back it could cause and missed the actual moment when all broke loose and this clog of branches and corn stalks shot out.

This truck is most often used to unclog sewers, think about that for a minute and you definitely want to keep your distance!

The water came gushing out, relief!

The plug of debris swirled around and around in the duckweed before finally traveling on down to the last pond and over the overflow. 

Lots of force here.

Why are these men smiling?

Clue - one is happy to have the clog out and other was happy to use his big tool.

This is the way it's supposed to look and you can believe Bruce is going to be on the lookout for the over sized rodent that was responsible for it. The beaver need to be on notice that he might be packing.

I've been rather troubled with some of my pictures lately, for some reason they just weren't that focused and I was blaming the camera. Well, Pinterest to the rescue, I did not know there was this tiny little wheel next to my viewfinder called the Diopter. It was turned and that threw off what I saw and focused on. Wonder of wonders, things are clear again!!!

Hallelujah, I'm going out to take more pictures to practice my new found knowledge. 


  1. WOW what a difference re: the water level, Julie. How in the world did you think of Brian? but so glad you did!! What a plug!! also, glad you got your camera figured out. I personally think you take wonderful pictures!!

  2. Well, C.G., minds think alike, when Bruce could not dislodge the plug I thought of Brian and his big pumper truck. I mentioned it to Bruce and he said he'd been thinking the same thing. And you know how much boys like to play with their toys!