Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Operator, room 7434 please,"

If anyone is familiar with Ray Steven's 'Shrinrers Convention' you will recoginize the title, if you are too young, please google it for a laugh. Wednesday, Bruce, Janet and I came to Omaha to hear what the final verdict was from the cat scan and the plan to wipe out the dragons once again. I had to have another bone marrow biopsy because the pain in my back and side had returned but this one was completely different. While before I was knocked out and knew nothing about it, this time I was awake with Bruce holding my hand. I'm such a wuss, I was shaking to my toes but had the most caring Dr. and nurses and lived to see another day. The Dr. was also a fashionista wearing high heels, how could you not have confidence in her.

The nurse accessed my port, I didn't feel a thing there either, some have the touch, and then we were free to go have some lunch. The food is really good, they have at least two huge cafeterias besides the little corner stores for snacks and then back to check in to see Dr. Lunning.

Bruce is on harvest time, getting up early so he was ready for a nap and a recliner opened up when a lady was called back so he snagged it. It wasn't long before he was snoring, Janet was working on the never ending afghan for granddaughter, Jessie and I tried to read my book but thoughts kept intruding, running round and round in my head. Sister-in-law, Kim came from her office somewhere in the building and I was so happy to see her. She was very instrumental in getting me in down there.

Dr. Lunning showed up not long after being taken back to the exam room with an entourage, two other doctors and Stacy. He didn't mess around, said this lymphoma was out to get me, it was popping up different places and he wasn't going to mess around with it either. I'd already been told to pack a bag and stay for a few days, this was WAR! Bruce retrieved my suitcase from the parking lot while Janet and I waited on the 3rd floor, made our way to 1st floor admitting and then up to the oncology ward on the 7th. We'd already seen these rooms on the tour that Stacy took us on 2 weeks earlier, very spacious, mini fridge, flat screen TV with DVD player, fold out couch for company and a recliner. Except for all the equipment, I could imagine I was at the Holiday Inn Express, the towel was even folded into a elephant!

Everyone is so efficient, I soon found myself dressed in my flannel jammies and tucked into bed under the Prayer quilt that Sara and Joanne brought from their church, given a pain pill for the incessant pain and had a water filled heating pad ordered. It was time for Janet and Bruce to leave, things were waiting for both of them at home but I was left in excellent hands. Everyone is so very caring, and they go to great lengths to provide a clean setting. Instead of the little clip on my finger to measure oxygen, I have a disposable one wrapped around and then tossed.  The nurse, Bailey, gowned up to begin my IV with a mask for me.

I'm getting a combination of unpronouncable words that make up the chemo 'ICE' over the next three days. The first one, 'I', was last night at 9, ran for about an hour, then again today for 24 hours starting at 5:30. At 4 PM today I get the 'E' for 1 - 2 hours at 4 PM and the 'C' for 30 minutes at 5 PM. Friday I get the 'E' again for 1-2 hours at 5:30 and will be finished up the 'I' at 5:30. Depending on how things go, I might be headed home, otherwise it will be Saturday.

I will have to monitored at the Cherokee hospital for the next three weeks, shots and blood work and then back to Omaha for the second round. After that will be a short intermission, then another PET scan, bone marrow biopsy and off to the transplant without letting the little sneaky bastards get a foot hold once again. As Kim said, "Cancer doesn't play fair and we don't either."

I had a pretty good nights sleep and found myself wake at 5 so got my slipper and robe and did laps around the halls, Bailey got me another popscicle. I know I need to eat and thought that might get me in the mood. I'm having trouble getting email to send from my tablet so Janet wrote the family last night to keep them updated. I might have to resort to texting, AAUUUGGGHHHH!!! Seriously though, it's not too bad, my phone # is 712-230-1308, there I've done it, you all made the cut.

We have been inundated with offers to help out at home and in the field, we are so fortunate to have Bruce's good buddy, Grassy, to pick up the slack. I'm being sent bible verses by email from loving family and friends that I tried to remember while I was face down with my butt exposed to the world yesterday. We have such a tremendous support group, sister in law, Sue, made plans to come today and sister, Sara, offered to bring her motor home down and stay with an extra bed for someone. I know it's hard on Bruce, he'd like to be here but he need not worry, I'm in great hands. Especially God's hands.


  1. Prayers to you my dear, sweet friend !!! You made me chuckle about the butt in the air LOL. Love you !! Kim

  2. Julie, thanks for writing this, its so good to hear from you personally! You sound strong and confident, I'm so buoyed by that. I think it plays a huge part in how things proceed. You are strong and you have an army of people behind you. Blesings and prayers! Love to you!

  3. I so loved reading this too! That's the spirit, girl, there aint nothing that you n Jesus can't handle together! As the I C E goes into your veins/body, just keep the images going of it attacking and beating those cancer dragons right down until there is nothing left of them!!! And remember you are wrapped in love and prayers, spriritually, and physically with that wonderful prayer shawl ! Always near and dear in our hearts and thoughts! Many hugs and love!

  4. Julie: You sound so good and full of fight and that's what I prayed for for you - strength to fight the good fight against this evil cancer dragon! Keep it up girl, you can do this with one hand tied behind your back. God loves you and is holding you so close...and we love you too!