Friday, October 14, 2016

Home again and now we wait.

We had to be at the hospital at 6:45 this morning so decided to set the alarm(s) for 5:30 to give us enough time. First Becky set her phone alarm, I struggled with the clock in the motel and finally had it set, then, just for a lark, set my phone alarm. They all went off so we were not late.

Becky was able to partake of the motel breakfast and I was bummed when I found it was biscuits and gravy, dang it, I love that. I lusted over the smell of her coffee, it's been two days for me, if I thought it wouldn't keep me awake tonight, I would have had a cup when I got home.

Our first stop was the ultrasound department and the gal really worked my belly over, it's a very good thing I'm used the bathroom before going in. From there we found our way, with some help, the Clarkson building where I was to have the liver biopsy. We had a lot of time to read and people watch because we were really early, but we couldn't go have coffee and rolls to pass the time.

About 9:30 I was taken to pre-op with Becky loaded down like a packhorse with all our bags and purses, she insisted on pampering me. I can't begin to describe the wonderful, caring people working there and was soon in bed wrapped in warm blankets, an IV in my hand and reading my tablet. Then it was a long wait until Dr. Vargo came in to talk and get consent forms signed. He was the same one who did the lung biopsy so I was thrilled to see him and told him so. But he said he wasn't scheduled to do mine, that one of his partners was on so I asked if he was as good and he said he wouldn't be partners if they weren't so that satisfied me.

It was probably 11:30 before a nurse came and said it was time, I was fine until Becky hugged me and then the tears flowed and I was wheeled away. Instead of using the CT scanner to guide the biopsy needle, they saw the lesions on the ultrasound so could use it which was better. As hard as I tried, I couldn't stop the tears, even when Dr. Vargo came in the room, he drew me after all. I was swaddled in more warm blankets and young nurse kept mopping my tears and told me to take it one day at a time but it wasn't until I was given a sedative and then another one that things proceeded. I barely felt the 'bee sting' of the numbing shot and heard the clicking of the collection, then bandaged and wheeled back to recovery. I don't remember Becky coming back in and slept for 1 1/2 hours before being awakened and have my bandage checked for bleeding and offered something to drink, I chose a Coke. I had to stay another 1/2 hour to make sure all was well, the next time I woke up I had my wits about me and was ready to head home.

I was loaded into a wheelchair and wheeled all the way back to the underground parking where we started, Becky gave up some of bags we'd accumulated for me to carry in the wheelchair. I got a refill on the Coke before we left and ate a sandwich left over from our Domino's meal the night before. Becky is a great driver and got us home safe and sound. I can't say I'm not happy to be back home but disappointed that our well laid plans have gone ary for now. The dogs were ecstatic, Clyde's head was bobbing like crazy, Zoe just wanted to go to the gazebo. Bruce and Grassy were hauling corn stalk bales in from the field. I had a good excuse not to go out because my instructions are to not drive any heavy equipment for 24 hours.

The downside is I'm also supposed to avoid alcohol and boy could I use a glass of wine tonight!


  1. You should look this up on that new phone.... it reminds me of how we all need to have our fight song... and it has some great words in it... reminded me of you, my dear. You have the fight in you, I just know it!!!!

  2. not sure that is the best link... try this one to copy and paste it into the browser of your phone...